Home Away From Home: A Message from ORL

Did you know…?

The purpose of the Office of Residence Life is to support the academic mission of the College by facilitating safe, supportive, and civil living-and-learning communities that are conducive to sleeping, studying, and socializing (in that order!). Residence Life staff serve and educate residents and mentor students to become leaders and good citizens. (ORL Mission Statement)

We hope the 1586 residents living in our residences throughout campus are enjoying their accommodations and roommates. We know, however, that a few of the students may not be thrilled with their roommate(s). We encourage all roommates to complete a Roommate Agreement Form (available from your RA or RHC) and to maintain open communication. Remember, roommates do not have to be best friends; you have to share the space and treat each other with dignity and respect.

If the roommate relationship is heading toward disaster, we urge the roommates to seek the support and mediation skills of the RAs and RHCs (all of whom underwent mediation training in August). Mediation must be completed first before a room change/roommate swap is approved. If irreconcilable differences are involved and it is clear the mediation will have no effect, staff members will work with the student that is willing to move. We maintain a vacancy list that contains the location of the vacancy, the remaining roommate(s), and phone number. It is up to the students to find someone compatible from the list. Room/roommate changes are permitted starting Sept. 12.

Do you have questions? We have answers! Please send your questions to jagoldwater@smcm.edu. This is the first of a series of articles for The Point News.