Season Recap: SMCM Men’s Lacrosse

Men’s lacrosse started the season with three losses and two wins. In their first game, the team played against Roanoke College. Team member Patrick Mull ‘13 commented on the fist game, saying, “First up was Roanoke, and we played well considering the weather conditions we were playing in.  We were literally playing in the middle of a snowstorm, it was so bad that we used yellow balls and had to have the grounds crew clear the lines on the field after every quarter with leaf blowers.  We ended up losing in the end but it gave us confidence that we can play with the best teams in the country.”

The team went on to play against Dickinson College. Mull claimed that the confidence gained from their first game helped them go on to beat Dickinson. The St. Mary’s College athletics website described the game saying, “A third-period surge of six unanswered goals and four players recording multiple-point games propelled the St. Mary’s College of Maryland men’s lacrosse team to an exciting 12-9 non-conference victory over the No. 3 Dickinson College Red Devils on a blustery Saturday afternoon.” Senior John Dehm had a career high or goals and assists (three goals, two assists). Will Lerch ‘15, Stew D’Ambrogi ‘13, Riley Fink ‘13, Peter Windsor ‘12, and Mull all helped to score in this game.

The team then went on to a non- conference loss against Franklin and Marshall College. Mull described the game against Franklin and Marshall as “a setback.” Taylor Cook, ‘13, scored two goals in the game; the final score was 11-5.

In their next game against Muhlenburg College Mull said, “We responded well with our performance against Muhlenburg, winning 13-11, getting our record back to (.500) at (2-2).” Mull scored five points in this game, and Cook had his first career hat trick in a game (a hat trick in lacrosse is three points in one game).

Regarding the game against Denison University, Mull said, “Regaining some of that confidence we had after playing Dickinson, next up on the schedule was number 10 Denison. We played hard throughout the entire game and had a good chance of winning the game, but we were unable to make the plays when it mattered, whereas Denison was able to. We ended up losing 7-6.” Matt Tarrant ‘15, Ben Love ‘14, and Lerch all scored goals in this game.

Mull described the feeling of the team, saying, “Coming into the season, we were all determined to make sure that we didn’t have a repeat of last season’s performance. Recording a record of (6-9), our team was not going to accept having a repeat of what we did last year. Our ultimate goal is to compete for the Capital Athletic Conference championship, and to earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament. As for the rest of the season, we are all working extremely hard and we are excited at the oppurtunities that are ahead of us.”

On March 17, Seahawks won against Frostburg State University with a score of 14- 4. The team’s next game is a home and conference game against Marymount University at 4:00 p.m.

Men’s Soccer Narrowly Misses Playoffs

Despite a close 1-0 victory over Marymount University on Oct. 22 that left the Seahawks one win short of the playoff ticket, the men’s soccer team took a 3-0 loss during a home-game against Salisbury University that ended the team’s conference-competitive season.

The season began strongly for the men’s team with a 2-1 win over Eastern Mennonite University on Sept. 3, a 4-0 shutout against Penn State Altoona the following day, and two more victories (including a 3-0 shutout) that brought the team to a 4-0 standing one game short of the conference season.

However, following a close 2-1 loss to the Johns Hopkins University Blue Jays, the team suffered two additional losses (including a 3-1 conference loss to Frostburg State University), bringing the team to 4-3 overall and 0-1 conference. Despite scraping a 1-0 conference win against Hood College on Sept. 24, the team suffered losses the following three games and took a 2-0 shutout loss to York College on Oct. 8.

With a 1-3 conference spread and 5-7 overall, it was looking grim for the Seahawks until an uplifting 3-0 shutout on Oct. 11 against the University of Mary Washington, a home conference game that brought the Seahawks closer to playoff competition. Senior forward Mark Jaskolski netted a goal with assistance from junior midfielder Frank VanGessel. After halftime, senior midfielder Brian Payne and first-year forward Matthew Braun secured two additional points to lead the Seahawks to their first win against the Eagles since 1981.

Despite their performance, the Seahawks took a 2-1 loss to the Wesley College Wolverines four days later. Even while securing a 1-0 victory against Marymount the following week, St. Mary’s needed to defeat Salisbury to get into the playoff season.

The Sea Gulls took a strong offensive in the first half with 10 goal attempts, all deflected by the seemingly driven Seahawks defense. Despite the strong performance and an equally solid defense following the second half up to minute 54, Salisbury managed three scores in the following 16 minutes, sealing the Seahawks’ fate with a 3-0 shutout on Oct. 24.

Seventh in the conference, men’s soccer finished the season with a 4-1 loss to Catholic University, leading to an overall 7-10 season and 3-5 conference spread. The conclusion also marked the first completed season for new head coach Alun Oliver ’04, who joined the Seahawks following former coach Herb Gainey’s retirement.

“Going into the season, everyone was excited for the fresh start with a new head coach,” said Assistant Coach Peter Krech ’09. “Our final record was not what we had hoped it would be, but to be honest, I thought there were a lot of good things that heppened throughout the season.”

Men’s soccer will be back next fall to take on the CAC Championship with stronger determination.

“Our seniors will definitely be missed for their contributions both on and off the field,” said Krech, “but I believe that we have a great young core to build from…they are up for the challenge that lies ahead of them.”

Men’s soccer kicks off strongly

The Men’s Soccer team has had a mix of wins and losses so far this season. They won their first four games, lost the next three, and then won last Saturday at Hood College.

Coach Alun Oliver was happy with the wins at the beginning of the season, saying, “It was really important to get a good start, we haven’t had a good start for a few years now, so that has been a team goal since the start of the season. We did really well at our first two tournaments, and we actually won both.”

The team’s first loss, 2-1, was against John’s Hopkins. When reviewing the game, Oliver had a mixed opinion, saying, “To be honest we had a chance to tie it up and we really should have, but they were a good team. They are always regionally or nationally ranked so the fact that we competed against them was a great step for us.”

Even though they lost the next two games, 1-3 against Frostburg and 0-1 against Richard Stockton, the team took a turn in the right direction, defeating Hood 1-0 on Sept. 24. Before the game, Oliver commented saying, “Hood is going to be another tough one. It’s another conference game and they’ve had great start to the season also. As long as we take care of the details, we should perform well and come out with a victory.”

The team also played on Hood’s field, which was a turf surface. This could have been problematic for the SMCM team, which is more used to the Bermuda field on campus. However, Coach Oliver said, “That’s no excuse, its just something we’ll have to get used to. A lot of teams have turf now so its just something we’ll have to deal with, hopefully we can deal with it sooner rather than later.”

The coach was happy with how the team transitioned from last year to this year, saying, “The majority of the freshman have stepped up, at least four or five are playing on a regular basis, which is huge for us. They’ve adapted themselves pretty well to the college game,” he said. “As freshmen, it’s tough for them to adapt straight away but they’ve done a great job. The sophomores, juniors, and seniors have welcomed them with open arms. We’ve built ourselves a good team spirit, which is half the battle of coaching really.”

For Hawktoberfest, the team plans on honoring past athletes. “We want to get as many past alums to come back. It’s the 40th anniversary of Soccer at St. Mary’s, whoever does show up, we are going to try to honor them at halftime in our game against Stevenson, and have them walk out on the field,” said Oliver. The game will be at home on October 1.

Club Spotlight: St. Mary's Ultimate Team (SMUT)

At a college very much defined by its region, St. Mary’s Ultimate Team (SMUT) is a club with national ambitions.  The women’s team completed an incredible season last year by winning a bid to Nationals, while the men’s team won three Ultimate Frisbee tournaments last year, including Sectionals – the first step towards a spot at Nationals.  With three returning seniors, an unusually large cohort of juniors that all learned the sport together, and a high-yield crop of promising first-years, men’s SMUT has its sights set firmly on Nationals 2012.

Although SMUT has been around for several decades on this frisbee-friendly campus, only in recent years has the club begun to acquire a serious reputation for skill and etiquette among the other Division III schools – a group which includes colleges such as Wake Forest, Richmond, and Davidson.  Those on the team credit this new-found reputation to an increased emphasis on drills that build the players’ skill sets, more strenuous fitness regiments, and a positive change in attitude.  Before, practice consisted of simply scrimmaging for an hour and a half, now the team runs and drills for at least an hour each day before scrimmaging.  SMUT practices on Admissions Field and North Fields four days a week, usually from about 4 to 6 p.m.

Captain and senior Shelby Jones (5’10”) recalls how, in previous years, strategy often consisted of relying on one or two clutch players to pull the team out of lethargy or desperate endgame situations.  “Now,” Jones says, “we’re really trying to involve a wider variety of players at tournaments so we can have that base of experience which lasts from one year to the next.”  Couper Turkewitz, another senior and captain, agreed: “Although we have a great team this year and we’re focused on the goal of Nationals 2012, a long-term view of things is just as important.”

That perspective is part of the new mentality which characterizes SMUT these days.  It’s a club that takes itself more seriously than in the past, and has consequently enjoyed unprecedented success, but which still appeals to students who can’t commit quite as much time as they would to a varsity sport.  This balance between commitment and leisure has yielded the biggest turnout in SMUT history.  First-year and local redhead Eli Sherlock described how, “it’s just a really nice, inclusive group of people that make you feel like part of a family, which is really valuable when you’re starting out here at St. Mary’s.”

SMUT is a club on the rise, and one to keep your eye on this year.

Men’s Baseball Shows Great Promise

Though the 2010 baseball season left something to be desired for St. Mary’s fans, the Seahawks seemed to have turned things around. This year, 22 games into the season with at least 12 left to go, St. Mary’s has a winning record with 13 wins and nine losses, and is 6-6 in conference play, a considerable upswing from last year’s final record.

In 2010, the Seahawks had a 9-24 season and lost their last eight games, five of which were at home. However, 2011 already seems like a more promising season; the Seahawks have won their last three games, all away, against York College of Pennsylvania.

Sophomore pitcher Wick Eisenberg said, “This season has been a drastic improvement from last year. We already have more wins than we did last year, have a .500 record in the conference and all around have been playing much better baseball. So far, the team has been very pleased with our progress.”

Though there have been some considerable losses, such as their 11-1 loss against Salisbury on March 5, the Seahawks have also chalked up some incredible wins. In both of their games on Feb. 19 in the Hawk’s Nest against City College of New York, which ended in seven innings each, St. Marys dominated.

In the first game, the Seahawks home opener for which President Joseph Urgo threw the first pitch, St. Mary’s scored seven runs with two outs in the first inning, and only progressed from there. Senior second baseman Matt Baden, senior first baseman Ian Simpson-Shelton, and first-year first baseman Alex Lenovitz each had four RBIs.

The final score was 25-2, with two triples and seven doubles. In their second game, the Seahawks drove in 10 runs for a 10-6 win in seven innings.

Since those two wins, St. Mary’s has had 10 more wins and seven losses, including their most recent three game domination over York.

Another important win for the Seahawks was a 5-1 victory in the first game in the Hawk’s Nest against their rival, No. 21 Salisbury University. Though they lost the next two games at Salisbury, Eisenberg described this as a huge win for the Seahawks, saying “Salisbury, a big rival of ours, was ranked in the top 25 heading into the game, and our ace [sophomore] Devon Jerrard pitched a complete game gem, leading us to a 5-1 victory.”

When thinking about the future, Eisenberg said, “Going forward, our main goal is to continue winning. If we do this, a lot falls into place for us; we can qualify for the CAC playoffs, and go deep in the tournament, possibly winning it.

We have pitchers in Jerrard, [junior] Mike Victory, and [senior] Barret Enix, who can pitch as well as anyone in the conference, and hitters like [sophomore] Corey Napier, [senior] Matt Baden, [senior] Bobby Corton who can produce for us in big games, so if those key players continue to step up for us, winning should be simple.”

On March 22, the Seahawks play Washington College at 3:00 PM in the Hawk’s Nest.


Club Spotlight: St. Mary’s Men’s Rugby

The St. Mary’s men’s rugby team is preparing for their 2011 spring season with long runs, quick sprints, and group lifts in the weight room to build a team that can not only win the upcoming season, but create a new team of giants.

With the senior players on their way out, and the junior players stepping up to take lead, both veteran groups look back on their fond memories while out on the pitch.

By Benjamin Garbart, Senior

I’ve been playing on the team since I came here freshman year.

I have been a captain for the past two years, and it has been enjoyable to see the team go through its cycles.

We have always been a small team compared to the larger schools we face, but with the help of our coach, Larry Donmoyer, we have been able to keep our skill level on par and have really grown as a team.

As a graduating senior, I feel that the team is in good hands with our new captains and administrators. Under the leadership of Paul DiIorio, the team is already getting whipped into shape for the up and coming season.

We are always looking for new members and welcome anyone who wants to learn the game.

By Paul Di’Iorio, Junior

A good friend told me before my first day of men’s rugby practice that “football is the gentleman’s game played by hooligans, and rugby is the hooligan’s game played by gentlemen.”

At the end of my first practice, I knew I would be spending the next four years at St. Mary’s playing for the Men’s Rugby team.

When your team’s one weakness is size and experience, it’s necessary to play with speed, toughness, and commit as few mistakes as possible on the pitch.

We have a very dedicated team and we all understand that if we want to win then we must outwork our opponents.

In a game where you truly are only as strong as your weakest link, our team works hard to be as conditioned a possible.

Along with an experienced coach to teach us strategy and make us more knowledgeable about the game, our team can compete with the best in Maryland.

To anyone interested in joining the men’s rugby team, the spring semester is your best time to join as we focus more on teaching this great game to those who are new.

By Adam Hammett, Junior

I was introduced to rugby my freshman year at St. Mary’s, when I first accompanied a friend to rugby practice. After that first practice I was hooked.

Now a junior on the team, I look back at that first rugby practice I attended and realize how much it has positively impacted my experience here at St. Mary’s.

The rugby team here on campus is much more to me than just a sport.

All of us on the team are close friends and we all have a fun time working towards being the best team we can be.

A common misconception about rugby is that you need to have past experience to play, but this is not the case.

Almost every player currently on the team had never played the game of rugby before coming to college.

I would urge anyone looking to have a fun time playing a physical sport to give rugby a try, because in several years you will not look back and regret trying a club sport, but you may look back and wish you again had the opportunity to play on a rugby team.

By Michael Candore, Senior

I joined the men’s rugby team in the fall of my freshman year with no prior knowledge of the sport. I was told by a few upperclassmen that it was very similar to football, so I gave it a shot.

Three and a half years, a broken jaw, and a broken nose later – I learned how to play a great game, and I formed friendships that I will carry with me well after I leave college.

The team has had its ups and downs over the past few years, but the camaraderie has always remained.

The men’s rugby team always welcomes newcomers, whether you’ve played for years, or never picked up a rugby ball.

Seahawks Baseball Team Looks Ahead

With eleven new recruits, the Seahawks baseball team shows potential to have their first winning season in seven years, according to Head Coach Lewis Jenkins.

The Seahawks opened their season with a 1-1 record following the Randolph-Macon College double-header on Feb. 12.

The team is looking forward to their first home conference game Feb. 19, against City College of New York, where President Urgo is expected to throw the first pitch.

“I think the team has looked very good in the fall.” Jenkins said.

“In the spring, it’s been a nightmare. We’ve been out on the field three times [since Jan. 18], which is a long period considering we’ve been working out every Saturday and Sunday. The weather has been very tough on us, and the three days that we’ve been outside it’s been muddy, and windy, and cold.”

The uncooperative weather forced practices to be held in Somerset Hall in the Micheal P. O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center, which caused problems for the team as well.

“There’s only so much we can do inside,” Jenkins added.

“They’ve already hit the fire alarm and broken a window, so we’re kind of in the doghouse. It all happened within about a week. I’m just holding my breath that we don’t do anymore damage. It certainly wasn’t done on purpose, but the day we hit the fire alarm they were having a swimming meet. It was kind of chaotic.”

The biggest challenge this season will be the conference games, according to Jenkins. Nonetheless, the team is optimistic about improving this year, compared to previous years.

“We had a horrible season last year,” Jenkins said. “I never had a year that bad as a coach and I’ve been coaching my whole life. There was only one outstanding player last year, and that was Matt Baden. He’s a senior and he’s had a good year every year he’s been here. The rest of them weren’t able to work up to their ability.  Consequently we only won nine games.”

Despite setbacks, the team shows optimism for the upcoming games.

According to Jenkins, although recruiting has always been a challenge for sports teams, the Seahawks have added seven new first-years to their roster, many of whom are already impressing teammates.

“The guys have been working hard, playing hard, and really competing,” senior captain Ian Simpson-Shelton said.

“We’ve got a lot of new faces this year, a couple young kids, and transfers who came in ready to go. They’re not afraid to step on the field. We’ve also got a lot of older guys that are ready to be leaders and step up and take responsibility for the team too. I think we’ll be a whole lot better this year.”

Men’s Basketball Defeats Rival Salisbury

Opening the 2011 season on Jan. 3, the Seahawks began with a rocky start, losing to Guilford College (57-61), but gained momentum with three straight wins against Marymount University (74-65), University of Mary Washington (91-65), and Frostburg State University (88-60).

Despite a brief setback with a loss against Wesley College, the Seahawks continued their successful season with a game against Salisbury University.

Flying in the top 25 of the D3 conference with a record of 14-4, the St. Mary’s men’s basketball team defeated long-time rival Salisbury Sea Gulls with a score of 81 to 74 last Wednesday, Jan. 19 in an impressive home game.

“At this point in the season we are really trying to play some good basketball,” said Head Coach Christopher Harney. “We need to focus on correcting our mistakes and getting ready for the tournaments. We were coming off a tough loss against Wesley and we really needed a rebound off of Salisbury, who was good. Salisbury has always been a tough game for us. I was a lot happier with the results of that game.”

Coach Harney was honored at the Salisbury game for his 100th career win.

The game started with a quick twist, as Salisbury’s Chris McGrew scored a quick layup 23 seconds into the game only to have St. Mary’s pull ahead 50 seconds later with a three-point shot by junior James Davenport.

After gaining the lead, St. Mary’s pulled farther ahead, dominating the first half with another three-pointer by senior point guard Alex Franz, a shot from first-year Christian MacAuley, and another three point shot by Franz which put St. Mary’s ahead by six points.

The Sea Gulls attempted to put ahead with two missed shots, but MacAuley caught a rebound and put up a jumper giving St. Mary’s an eight point lead on Salisbury.

Five minutes in, sophomore Chris Hutchinson stole the ball and passed to Franz, who put up another three points, giving Chris his second assist of the game and bringing the score to St. Mary’s 19, Salisbury 8.

A few minutes later Franz threw up another three, and eight minutes and 30 seconds into the game junior Mikey Fitzpatrick entertained the crowd with a dunk. Later in the game MacAuley gave the crowd another entertaining performance with yet another dunk. St. Mary’s closed the first half of the game up by eight points, the score 38-30.

“We have great chemistry,” Harney said. “These guys are really patient and willing to sacrifice their stardom to find the right player that’s open. In contrast Salisbury struggles with that – there were some guys forcing shots.”

The second half of the game started with Salisbury making two foul shots and a layup to catch up. Franz managed to score another three, with two successful foul shots followed by Fitzpatrick. Eight minutes into the second half, senior Sam Burum got another two points putting St. Mary’s ahead by 15 with a score of 54-39.

The last eight minutes of the game the Sea Gulls fought hard to catch up, scoring six points bringing St. Mary’s down to an 11-point lead. Franz took a foul with three minutes left and made one foul shot to bring St. Mary’s ahead by 12, only to have the team struck back down to a 10 point lead with a layup by Salisbury’s Chris McGrew.

Pulling the team ahead once again, Franz made two foul shots with one minute and 31 seconds left on the clock, only to have Salisbury respond once again with a layup by McGrew.

The last minute and 31 seconds consisted of St. Mary’s and Salisbury trading fouls and foul shots—Salisbury trying to gain the lead, and St. Mary’s clinging to what was won. With eight seconds left on the clock McGrew threw one shot, but despite the extra two points it was not enough for the victory. St. Mary’s defeated their rival 81-74, a well-earned seven point lead.

“We pride ourselves on winning at home,” junior shooting guard Deon Queen said. “The fans always help us get over the humps.”

“I think the Salisbury game was a great game” Harney added. “Salisbury is very good and their record doesn’t really reflect their team right now. They’ve got size and great players. They’re not that far from us on paper as far as talent goes.

I think the game last Wednesday was a good reflection of the off-paper differences. Now we are just trying to focus on these conference games, and they are tough. Its like every game is a war, you really don’t know what is going to happen.”

The Seahawks continued their victory streak in the following two conference games with a victories over Stevenson University (86-55) and the University of Mary Washington (69-58).

Men’s Basketball Off to Strong Start Against High-Ranked Opponents

St. Mary’s Men’s Basketball is off to a solid start this season with a 5-1 record and two recent wins over high-ranking teams.

The #14 ranked Seahawks won their first game against Johns Hopkins University 73-66 and their second against Hood College (77-60).

Their next game proved to be more of a challenge, though, with a 56-54 loss to Frostburg State University at the buzzer in what Head Coach Chris Harney, in his sixth season as coach, calls their “worst game ever.”

“[It was] one of those games where we got up on the wrong side of the bed…We did everything wrong,” he said.

However, despite their sloppy performance, Coach Harney said that it proves that they were still a talented enough team to play poorly and still almost win. “We have a great team. We have talent,” he said. “We have players that work hard.”

The hard work paid off when Seahawks rebounded in their next two games against Top 25 ranked teams, beginning first with a 19-point win over #7 Franklin and Marshall, who beat the Seahawks last year to end their season.

Harney said this win was a key one, because it allowed the Seahawks to “avenge last year and knock off a Top 10 team,” and it was a positive response to the disappointment at Frostburg State.
In their next game, the Seahawks defeated #25 Christopher Newport 86-67 in another 19 point win.

Senior point guard Alex Franz, who leads the team in points, steals, and assists, and averages 16.2 points a game, viewed last year as an accomplished but unsatisfying season. After beating two ranked teams, though, he believes this season will be a success.

He was proven right on Saturday, Dec. 4, as the Seahawks took their first conference and away game win from Stevenson University.

In the upcoming weeks, the Seahawks have a tough set of conference games, including a game last Monday against The Citadel Military University of South Carolina, a Division I team. According to Coach Harney, “Every team in the conference has improved; every game is a battle.”

Senior forward Sam Burum leads the team in offensive rebounds and field goals. Burum said last year was one of the most successful years the Seahawks have had. “We went far, but not as far as we wanted to go,” he said.

So far, he said, the season has been going well, but “…the biggest thing for us is not to have any letdowns; to get up for every game and make sure we’re performing as best we can.”

At home, the Seahawks have a 24-0 record during the regular season, which Coach Harney attributes to all of the students who come out to support the team. “I love it here,” he said. “I think this team has the potential to do great things.”

Club Spotlight: Men’s Water Polo

The St. Mary’s Water Polo team treaded their way to four solid performances to open the 2010-2011 season. Hosting a two-day tournament that included fellow Atlantic Division members, the team faced opponents Loyola University, University of Maryland – College Park, James Madison University, and Georgetown University in the home waters of the Michael P. O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center.

The first match of their first tournament of the year pitted the team against Loyola. After a hard-fought match, the men found themselves trailing 5-15. Later the same day, the men competed in a tough match against Georgetown. Despite a stellar performance by goalkeeper Chris Sakowski and the skillful backhanded shots of Gabe Grace, the Seahawks were defeated 8-20.

The following morning, the ‘Hawks faced their rivals of University of Maryland and battled to a 13-17 loss. And in the final match of the tournament, the exhausted Seahawks were defeated 7-18 by James Madison.

Offensively, water polo strategy is very similar to basketball. Teams look to work the ball inside to their “hole man” for easy shots. This weekend, though, teams doubled early against the ‘Hawks.

“When teams double-team the hole, its hard to force it in there,” says senior Matt Cross. The ‘Hawks also put up a tough fight on the defensive end, having three players ejected from matches for their intense, physical play. Overall though, according to senior Alex Michelesen, “Other than the Georgetown match, the tournament was very good. We played extremely well.”

Men’s water polo is a very young program at the College. After beginning eight years ago, the Water Polo program’s numbers began to dwindle in 2004 and 2005. But in the fall of 2006, a group of 8 freshmen, Ben Garbart, Cross, Alex Michelesen, Chris Sakowski, Grace, Kalvin Gray, and Niko Pinto, revitalized the program.

During their tenure at St. Mary’s they have defeated Division I program Maryland and even qualified for the Division III National Championships in 2009.

This year, the group of eight seniors looks to continue and advance to the Collegiate Water Polo Association’s Division III championships for the second consecutive year. With a group of strong young players that include sophomore Darren Leu and first-year Hattie Schiavone, a member of the women’s swimming team, they look to continue their success.

The Water Polo Club “Is always looking for new members.” This is mostly because the biggest difference and largest obstacle in their way is the number of athletes in the pool. “The better teams just have more members,” says senior Ben Garbart, “And this year we have almost as many as they do.”

The team will continue its campaign in a week at James Madison, where they will look to improve their standing against other teams in the Atlantic Division.