Wednesday, October 26th Print Editions of The Point News

It is Wednesday, that means the October 26, 2016 print copies are here! Issues are currently scattered around campus. Pick one up from any campus building. If you can not find our drop-off location near you, or would like to request the paper be delivered to a specific spot, please email Scott at For those off St. Mary’s College of Maryland campus, or unable to access copies of The Point News for any reason, articles are available online, and a PDF of the Newspaper can be accessed by clicking the link below.

PDF of Volume 77, Issue 3

Corrections: In the Article SGA Elections: Resolution Reached in Yik Yak Decision  Schaefer Hall is misspelled as “Schaffer Hall.” Also, in the same article, Grayson McNew also ran for the position of Senate Leader. The article about service and social change was written by Zach Stauffer, not George Kempf.

We apologies for these errors.