From the Patio: Lessons Learned from Late Friendships

As seniors in college we still have a lot to learn, but there’s also a lot we’ve learned since we’ve been here. We would tell you all about these lessons learned, but then you wouldn’t experience them yourself. However, there is one thing we would like to share with you—not because you can’t figure it out yourself, but because there’s a part of both of us that wishes someone had told us sooner.

With our final fall semester well past the half-way mark, we’ve realized that there are so many people we’ve walked past everyday, seen studying two cubbies down and maybe even taken a class with but are only now taking the time to get to know. You know those awkward introductions that happen at parties? Where a mutual friend will say, “Oh, hey do you know my friend So-and-So?” And you both kind of shrug and say, “Yeah, I think we had a class together a couple semesters ago.” You definitely knew who the person was and they know who you were but you really didn’t know each other. Then after the formal introduction, you end up spending half the night talking, laughing and wondering why you didn’t hang out before.

While St. Mary’s doesn’t have traditional cliques, we still have our group of friends that we stick with.  It wasn’t until that group of friends started drifting apart after graduations, transferring, etc. that we looked outside the circle.  Over the weekend, our group of friends were talking about relationships and we found that it was only this year that many of us had become close. It was sad that our close friendships were only forming in our last year at school. Though we all knew each other from former classes, club meetings, or of course Facebook, it had only been this semester that we were finally becoming good friends.

It seems strange that in our final year, when we should feel so comfortable and established in our friendships, we find ourselves going back and reconnecting with first-year roommates and forming new friendships, with fellow seniors and juniors, sophomores, and first-years.

While there are very few regrets we have over the past four years, if there was one thing we could have changed about our college experience, it would have been to be more open to getting to know the people around us. This week, we ask that you invite your old roommate over to catch up, and go to the party next door that your neighbors are always inviting you to. Make a new friend, as we will, from our trusted seats on the patio.

From the Patio: Preparations Begin for Annual Hallowgreens

We weren’t prepared for the cold and rain that has forced us off the patio last week, but we’ve found a meaningful way to bide our time. With Hallowgreens just a couple of weeks away, we’ve dedicated our free time to finding and creating the perfect costumes to honor this venerated campus tradition.

Every Halloween, students gather on the Townhouse greens donned in outrageous costumes, wandering from house to house in search of college-style tricks and treats. Without fail, it proves to be the best party on campus year after year.

Students seem to outdo themselves every Hallowgreens. The creativity that goes into costumes amazes us. Here’s a few of our favorites:

A large-scale Trojan horse complete with an army of Greek soldiers, a D-Day landing craft that stormed the Greens with Saving Private Ryan inspired soldiers, and high-tech superhero costumes complete with plastic armor and LED lights.

Any costume inspired by sexual innuendos and catchy phrases, including but not limited to “Dick-tator,” “one night stand,” “chick magnet,” “spooning,” “gold digger,” “cock block,” and “wounded soldier.”

Full casts of TV shows and movies, such as Sesame Street, Scooby Doo, Doug, The Price is Right, Super Troopers, Transformers… the list is endless.

Costumes inspired by popular YouTube clips, among the best are characters from “My New F-ing Haircut,” Darrell from “Can I Have Yo Numba?” and Carpenter, Dutch, Storm and other teammates from the Mad TV Abercrombie & Fitch skits.

The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. As you search for your costume, we’d like to make a few suggestions:

Avoid anything with “sexy” attached to it, such as sexy nurse, sexy librarian, sexy teacher, etc. This also includes cheerleaders and Hooters girls. It’s cliché, overdone and typically used by last minute costume seekers. Trust us, there are more creative ways to be sexy.

Try to find a way to stay warm—whether it’s by wearing a beer jacket or other means. One of the most innovative means of doing so has been incorporating Camelbaks into costumes and filling them with hot chocolate or other tasty beverages. Keep in mind, there’s a fine line between staying warm and not remembering the epic event.

Homemade costumes are best. Don’t even think about ordering something online. This is college. Get creative and be budget-friendly.

It’s also best if you leave your beer goggles at home. In the event that you don’t, be sure to say hi to the Condom Fairy (a.k.a Dean Bayless).

We hope some of these suggestions help as you gear up for Hallowgreens. Looking through archived issues of The Point News, we’ve found several interesting accounts of the event. One individual went as far as to say it’s the “classiest night at St. Mary’s.”

While it may not be the classiest, it’s by far the most memorable and always gives us something to laugh about from the Patio.

From the Patio: New Door, Same Feel

While its natural for seniors to look back on their first three years here with nostalgia, it pained us a little to come back to campus knowing that the very establishment where so many memories began no longer existed as we had endearingly known it. No, not campus… just the Green Door.

For those of you who unfortunately never had the chance to experience the Door, it was a hole in the wall—barely had a floor, toilets rarely flushed, every inch of space was covered with initials of students and cheap beer signs. But, it was our hole in the wall. There was nothing like Karaoke Wednesdays, also known as Club Door, trying to get into the bathroom while dodging darts as they flew past our heads, making friends with “townies” and hoarding the peanut buckets.

After the Door was closed all summer for renovation, they announced it would reopen our first Friday back on campus. We were anxious all week, anticipating the reopening like little kids on Christmas Eve. We were so excited, in fact, that we promptly arrived at 4p.m. when the doors of the new Door opened. But there was nothing we could have done to prepare ourselves. We took our places at the bar and sat in silence as we let ourselves become accustomed to the smell of new varnish on the fresh flooring and walls.

Bigger, cleaner, and well ventilated were just a few of the improvements made to the bar. The picnic tables were gone, and the small room in the back to play darts had been replaced by an entire “wing.” There’s more than enough room for a game of darts, and the getting to the girls bathroom is no longer life threatening.

Even though the entire bar had been completely transformed, it still felt the same in a lot of ways. As it started to get darker, more and more people filtered in, and it felt as though we had never left this place. The Door will always be the same Door. It might look a little different, but it still means the same thing to all of us, and all those to come.

As we sat writing this article on the patio the next day, we came to realize—you can change the bar, but you can’t change the kids in it. And so, despite our fears of losing the only bar around here (sans the Sunshine Oa…excuse us, Monks), the Door still had the same camaraderie, the same charm as before. There was still plenty of beer to drink, great music to dance to and tons of people to make “door” friends with—it’s what St. Mary’s students bring to it that makes it the Door we all love and laugh about from the patio.