Students Participate in MLK Service Day

On Monday, Jan. 21, students and community members participated in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Day, which was hosted by the Office of Student Activities. The event began at 11a.c. on the Campus Center patio where participants met and dispersed. Service opportunities included Keep St Mary’s Beautiful campus clean-up, Church Point clean-up, and at off-campus sites like Three Oak Shelter, Historic St. Mary’s City, and St. Mary’s Caring soup kitchen.

Click HERE to view more photos from the day.

Student Trustee: News in Brief On Campus Life

Since there are no huge things happening on campus these days, I figured I’d give a news-in-brief style article this week. So here goes nothing.

Graduation is coming up some day, and my guess is the school will switch back to graduating by majors. I have no insider information on this, but the administration is responsive and there’s been a lot of feedback for keeping tradition.

The inauguration (InURGOration) happened recently and it was awesome. Congratulations to Joe and many thanks to everyone who helped out in the planning and execution stages of the event.

The baseball team has a winning record right now. Someone just informed me of such which is why they made it into this news-in-brief. To all spring athletes, keep kicking butt!

Senior Assassins is going on right now, and as of this writing, I am still alive. By the time this is published, I’ll likely have been killed, but I’m going strong after 48 hours. If anyone knows who is gunning for me, please let me know.

Civility on campus is down, if anyone has been under a rock and hasn’t noticed. Please, if you haven’t been as civil/nice/respectful as you could have been, take a moment, think about it, and join me in trying to better ourselves. I know I’m not innocent, so I’m not trying to call anyone out. Let’s do this together.

Keep St. Mary’s Beautiful, the Arboretum Association, and Grounds Crew did a great deal of beautification recently. We put in a Healing Garden between the St. John’s site and the Cobb House, planted about 25 trees all around campus and had a special pre-inauguration clean up. Keep St. Mary’s Beautiful is continuing weekly clean-ups every Sunday at 1 p.m., meeting at the Campus Center Patio.

Powershift, World Carnival and the Chancellor’s Point Festival are all coming up this month. They’re being organized by Student Environmental Action Coalition, Student Government Association Programs Board and the Chancellor’s Point Club respectively. I encourage all of you to check them out.

SMPs are due in soon, which is terrifying. Good luck to all seniors in completing yours, and when we’re all done you should join me on the water, at the Door, chilling on the Patio, etc. We’ve earned it.

Blue Wind is coming to campus! And I think we’ll still have Chick-fil-A for now, which means we have the best of both worlds for the stomachs of this campus. I won’t get into the politics of it here; I just want to celebrate Blue Wind, for they are delicious!

Finally, I lost my One Card. If you’ve found it, please email me.