Swimming Breaks Records, Places Second

After three days of Capital Athletic Conference Swimming Championships, both the men and women’s teams finished a strong second behind Mary Washington.

Senior Joanna Purich Senior expressed her pride in the team saying, “It was a little hard this year because a lot of people got sick right before champs, but everyone really stepped up.” Senior Dirk Rousseau added, “It’s great that both teams are in a strong second place, and we’ve set a lot of records.”

Many St. Mary’s students set records during their events. On the first day Kelly Heyde won the 200 individual medley, an event she has won every year she has been swimming for St. Mary’s. Even though the men’s team, represented by junior Jimmy Forest, senior Billy Deboissiere, sophomore Bobby Witkop, and senior Cameron Hedquist, placed second in the 400 medley relay, the team broke their own record for 2.12 seconds. Purich commented, saying, “It was definitely an exciting match overall, and it wasn’t just our team who broke records. It was also exciting to see a full men’s team and one that was taking it to the next level. This was the first time the men’s team has outscored the women’s team.”

Heyde continued to swim strong on the second day, where she became the four-time champion of another event, the 400 individual medley. She then anchored the 8oo freestyle relay, where she swam with first-year Zoe McIlmail, first-year Cara Machlin, and junior Erin O’Connor. They posted second, but swam 1.66 seconds faster than the previous year’s records.

During Preliminaries, Hedquist beat his previous record for the 200 freestyle by 11-hundreths of a second. DeBoissiere also broke a personal record in the 100 backstroke. But junior and spectator Nathan Brocenos explained a different part about the second day that he liked the best, saying, “On the 200 medley, Mary Washington got what I think was a national record, but then they got disqualified and St. Mary’s came in first.”

On the last day the teams regularly followed behind Mary Washington in the events. Sophomore Brooke Raab placed second in the 200 Backstroke while Hedquist placed second in the 100 freestyle. Heyde again held her title in the 200 Butterfly. Rousseau was proud of the men’s team, saying, “All men who swam the mile were in the top ten.” He added, “I out-touched a guy on the mile, it was pretty epic.”

The end of the season also represents what will be a transition for the swimming team.

Sophomore Coleen Walls reflected the event, saying, “Personally I feel accomplished in that I made the podium this year, but my favorite part was seeing the seniors receive their gifts Sunday night. We have a lot of seniors graduating this year, so it will be interesting to see how many freshmen next year will be interested.”

Rousseau also commented, saying, “It was fun to go out with a bang. It’s been a good four years with the team, and I’m looking forward to the alumni meet next year.” For more information about championship results, the St. Mary’s athletic website has information on every meet.

Men's and Women's Swimming Place 2nd In CAC Championships

From Feb. 17 to 19, men’s and women’s swimming competed in the Capital Athletic Conference Championships. Both teams won second place.

Team member Claire Huckenpohler ’14 described the format of the events as follows: “It started on Friday and it went to Sunday. Each morning there was a preliminary competition to see who can come back for the finals. So the point is to score high enough to get into the final; that’s where all the points come from. There are two heats in the Finals, the top 8 and then the 9th through the 16th. Even if someone from the 2nd heat gets a better time than someone in the top 8, the people in the top 8 are still guaranteed 1st through 8th place. That’s why its important to get as many people in the top heat as possible. The second heat is still important because they still score points.”

Huckenpohler described the feeling of the team by saying, “Before and during the match the team was focused, excited, motivated, spirited, and just all around enthusiastic about the meet.” This enthusiasm seems to have pulled off because both the Men’s and Women’s teams earned new school records. Cameron Headquist ’13 and Dylan Cope ’15 both pulled records for the Men’s team, while Kelly Heyde ’13, Elaina Kohles ’15, Erin O’Conner ’14, and Brooke Raab ’15 swam a new school record in their 800 Free Relay.

Huckenpohler responded to the event as a whole by saying, “Overall we were happy, we were a little disappointed that we didn’t beat [the University of] Mary Washington at [championships] but we know that we had a good season.” Earlier in the season, the women’s team won for the first time against Mary Washington, who now has now been the CAC champions for 22 straight seasons.

Head coach of both the men’s and women’s teams is Andre Barbins, who has been with the teams through 13 seasons, and has won the CAC’s  Women’s Swimming Coach of the year for the fourth time. Huckenpohler commented saying, “We are all really excited that he won this award.”

Huckenpohler responded to being done for the season by saying, “You always feel accomplished at the end of champs, you feel like your training has been worth it.”  Headquist responded to the same question, saying, “Everyone did really well, I’m happy with the progress we made this year, and I’m excited for next year’s champs.”

Points-wise, the Women’s team had 678.5 points, coming behind Mary Washington who had 924.5 points. The Men’s team had 549 points, again behind Mary Washington who had 969 points.


Senior Day for Men’s Basketball: Win 95-81

On Saturday, Feb. 18, the St. Mary’s men’s basketball team played against Frostburg State in the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC), winning 95-81.

Starting lineup for St. Mary’s consisted of sophomore Christian MacAuley, junior Devin Spencer, junior Chris Hutchinson, Mike Fitzpatrick (the only senior in the lineup), and sophomore Brendan McFall. From the beginning of the game, sophomore Mike Schmidt said, “The air was ecstatic as people cheered for the St. Mary’s team.”

The game began with a turnover by Hutchinson, and, though the first basket was made by senior Maurice Williams of Frostburg State, possession returned to the St. Mary’s team very quickly, allowing MacAuley to make a layup with an assist from Fitzpatrick. After another basket made by MacAuley shortly thereafter, the Seahawks were ahead for the entirety of the game. The last few points gained by the Seahawks, bringing them up to 95, were due to free throws made by first-year Lee Jordan.

Up until now, the men’s basketball team has been on a general winning streak, with 18 wins (the game against Frostburg being the 19th), and seven losses before Feb. 18, though the game on Feb. 23 made for an eighth. A large number of their CAC games have been won, though it was important for them to win this game, as it allowed them to proceed to the CAC semi-finals. Jeff Haus, currently a junior, said, “At this time of the season every year, we all try to start playing for our seniors because we know it is the last time they could ever play a real, competitive basketball game.”

To Haus, it is important that the seniors get a game that they can remember. In this case, senior Mike Fitzpatrick was the only senior playing when the team went up against Frostburg. This game has marked the approaching end of Fitzpatrick’s career as a college basketball player, with the next opportunity being any alumni games that are held next year.

When asked about the current seniors on the team, Haus described senior Mike Fitzpatrick as someone that they can look up to, saying, “As a team we have continuously looked at Mikey as a teammate, leader, and friend. That’s why we want to continue to play as long as we can…so we can continue his career.”

In addition, Haus said (on being a senior next year) that the team will hopefully win a championship because “it’s the only way I’d want to go out.” He is one of three juniors currently on the roster, and he wants to ensure that they have one last great year together, describing next year as what could be “the most exciting yet.”

Capital Athletic Conference Results

St. Mary’s had many teams enter the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC) championships this season. While all of the teams may not have made it all the way through the championships, there were still a lot of successes.

Despite the snow, both the men’s and women’s Cross Country teams placed fifth at the CAC Championship at York College of Pennsylvania. Junior Katie Phipps, a captain on the Women’s Cross Country team, expressed her feelings about the competition. “Considering the conditions, I am very pleased with the team’s performance at conference … we all tried our hardest and put forth our best effort.”  Both of the men’s and women’s teams look forward to going to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Mideast Regional competition.

The women’s soccer team had an extraordinary season and displayed a great amount of skill in the CAC tournament. They ended the CAC games with a 2-4-2 record. The team made it to the championship with a 2-1 win against Stevenson University. Although they lost in overtime to Salisbury University, the team did extremely well. Women’s soccer coach Brianne Weaver explained how proud she was of the team. “The entire team stepped up and played as hard as they could, and several young players willingly took place in the penalty kick tiebreaker and displayed nerves of steel.” She remains quite confident in her players’ skills. “I still get goosebumps just thinking about how hard we battled … our dream run through the playoffs was the stuff of legend and our team was able to display its full potential.”

Other SMCM sports teams had great journeys through the conference games as well. The men’s soccer team was brought down by a 3-0 loss to Salisbury, but three of their players were awarded All-Capital Athletic Conference honors.

After winning 3-0 against Wesley College at the Seahawk Invitational, the women’s volleyball team lost 3-1 in the first round of the CAC tournament against Mary Washington College. The Women’s field hockey team, who had previously won against Wesley with a score of 3-1, also lost in their first round tournament game against York College 3-0.

Even though SMCM’s sports teams suffered some losses, they tried their best and showed their athletic abilities. The players have gained new insight on what it takes to participate in the CAC tournament and what it takes to become champions in the conference. St. Mary’s continues to support their teams as many of them finish up their seasons.

Cross Country Places in Blizzard-Struck Capital Athletic Conference

“It was cold,” said junior men’s Cross Country runner Dan Swain about last Saturday’s nine-team meet at John Rudy State Park. Despite the cold, snowy conditions during the York College-hosted CAC Championships round, the Seahawks managed to place fifth overall in the men’s and women’s competitions as they continue to the Mideast Regional on Nov. 12.

Running close to 34 degrees Fahrenheit after an almost four-hour drive to John Rudy, PA, the Seahawks entered 28-strong, as the 13 male and 15 female athletes competed against runners from Salisbury University, the University of Mary Washington, York and Hood Colleges, Frostburg State University, Stevenson and Marymount Universities, and Wesley College.

“I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve ever run in a blizzard,” said junior runner Nick Pasko. “We packed up because if we didn’t then we wouldn’t have been able to see where we were going.”

Out of the 94 individual competitors in the men’s race and 89 in the women’s race, the top three runners of each team placed in the top 38 and 39, respectively.

For the men’s team, Pasko crossed the line first with a 31:14.77 time, placing 36th. Close behind, first-year David Kersey placed 37th with 31:16.75, and first-year Collin Hickey placed 38th with 31:21.87. After two runners from Salisbury and Stevenson crossed the line, Seahawks Tim Carey (first-year), Swain, and Matt Bennett (sophomore) finished the eight-kilometer race under the 32-minute mark.

For the women’s team, first-year Michelle DiMenna took 14th with 27:20.31 in the six-kilometer race, followed closely by junior Katie Phipps, who placed 15th with a 27:21.49 finish.  Junior Margaret Lillie placed 42nd with a 33rd for team scoring, followed by senior Kathleen Tatem in 46th, sophomore Julia Gardner in 55th, junior Alex Moore in 58th, and sophomore Sylviann Houck in 59th.

Overall, the men’s team scored 147 points and the women’s team scored 127. The CAC Championships meet marked the seventh of eight officially scheduled competitions for both teams, with one meet remaining on Nov. 12 at Center Valley, PA, at 11 a.m.

“Overall, I think we are having a pretty good season,” said Tatem. “We have been able to keep our morale up and stay focused despite battling through some tough injuries and racing conditions this season. We are all super excited and ready to go out, run fast and have fun.”

Men’s Soccer Narrowly Misses Playoffs

Despite a close 1-0 victory over Marymount University on Oct. 22 that left the Seahawks one win short of the playoff ticket, the men’s soccer team took a 3-0 loss during a home-game against Salisbury University that ended the team’s conference-competitive season.

The season began strongly for the men’s team with a 2-1 win over Eastern Mennonite University on Sept. 3, a 4-0 shutout against Penn State Altoona the following day, and two more victories (including a 3-0 shutout) that brought the team to a 4-0 standing one game short of the conference season.

However, following a close 2-1 loss to the Johns Hopkins University Blue Jays, the team suffered two additional losses (including a 3-1 conference loss to Frostburg State University), bringing the team to 4-3 overall and 0-1 conference. Despite scraping a 1-0 conference win against Hood College on Sept. 24, the team suffered losses the following three games and took a 2-0 shutout loss to York College on Oct. 8.

With a 1-3 conference spread and 5-7 overall, it was looking grim for the Seahawks until an uplifting 3-0 shutout on Oct. 11 against the University of Mary Washington, a home conference game that brought the Seahawks closer to playoff competition. Senior forward Mark Jaskolski netted a goal with assistance from junior midfielder Frank VanGessel. After halftime, senior midfielder Brian Payne and first-year forward Matthew Braun secured two additional points to lead the Seahawks to their first win against the Eagles since 1981.

Despite their performance, the Seahawks took a 2-1 loss to the Wesley College Wolverines four days later. Even while securing a 1-0 victory against Marymount the following week, St. Mary’s needed to defeat Salisbury to get into the playoff season.

The Sea Gulls took a strong offensive in the first half with 10 goal attempts, all deflected by the seemingly driven Seahawks defense. Despite the strong performance and an equally solid defense following the second half up to minute 54, Salisbury managed three scores in the following 16 minutes, sealing the Seahawks’ fate with a 3-0 shutout on Oct. 24.

Seventh in the conference, men’s soccer finished the season with a 4-1 loss to Catholic University, leading to an overall 7-10 season and 3-5 conference spread. The conclusion also marked the first completed season for new head coach Alun Oliver ’04, who joined the Seahawks following former coach Herb Gainey’s retirement.

“Going into the season, everyone was excited for the fresh start with a new head coach,” said Assistant Coach Peter Krech ’09. “Our final record was not what we had hoped it would be, but to be honest, I thought there were a lot of good things that heppened throughout the season.”

Men’s soccer will be back next fall to take on the CAC Championship with stronger determination.

“Our seniors will definitely be missed for their contributions both on and off the field,” said Krech, “but I believe that we have a great young core to build from…they are up for the challenge that lies ahead of them.”

Men’s Soccer Struggles Through Season, Reverses To Make CAC Playoffs

After a hard fight this season against some of the top college teams in the country, the men’s soccer team managed to turn around a losing season just in time to make the Capital Athletic Conference playoffs, losing 1-0 in their first round but nonetheless playing a intense game to remember.

The Seahawks began their Fall 2010 season roughly, losing their first three matches against Neumann College on Sept. 1, Elizabethtown College on Sept. 4, and the State University of New York Genesco on Sept. 5. All three matches were shut-outs against the College, and while none were conference matches, they still set up the athletes for a tough rest-of-season.

“We aren’t really doing as well as we thought,” said Coach Herb Gainey, now in his ninth season with the men’s soccer team. “But the team has turned 180 [degrees] from last year, and I’m proud that they haven’t bailed out.”

The team stepped up its performance the following week, matching Greensboro College 1-1 after an overtime match Sept. 11 and winning 2-1 during a home game against Methodist University the following day. First-year midfielder Brian Payne made an appearance during the first half, flicking a loose ball into the Monarchs’ goal to give the Seahawks the first point of the game.

“The freshman players are good, and talented,” said Gainey. “Their energy helps in training and in games.”

While losing the Seahawk Classic on Sept. 15 to the nationally-ranked Swarthmore College 3-1 despite a point-for-point first half, the team again turned its luck around on Sept. 18 with a 3-2 overtime victory against Stevenson University, giving the Seahawks their first conference game of the season.

“This team is the closest group of guys I have ever been a part of,” said junior forward Ted Scharfenberg. “We fight every time we are on the field and never give up.”

Unfortunately, men’s soccer took another losing streak over the two weeks following the Stevenson game, losing 2-0 against the University of Mary Washington on Sept. 22, 3-0 to York College on Sept. 25, and 3-0 against Salisbury University Oct. 2 in another series of shut-outs to bring the team to a 1-3 CAC spread.

While the team came back with a 2-1 victory over Shenandoah University Oct. 6, it faced a net loss after two shut-out defeats by Oct. 11 against Richard Stockton College and Johns Hopkins University.

The Seahawks took a conference win and draw at home against Hood College and Frostburg State University, respectively, but suffered three consecutive losses at the hands of Marymount, Christopher Newport, and Catholic Universities, bringing their CAC spread to 2-4-1 by Oct. 26.

For the men’s team, this meant that the Seahawks would have to win their last match of the official season, against Wesley College, to make it to the playoffs.
“Tomorrow’s game against Wesley will determine if we’re in or out [of the playoffs],” said Gainey in an interview on Oct. 27.

In a surge of strength and teamwork, the Seahawks managed to score the first goal within the first two minutes of play, as senior midfielder George Gusack placed the ball perfectly for senior midfielder Keith Hines’ chip-in. By the end of play, the team won 2-0 over the Wolverines, earning its place as the fifth seed team for the playoffs after a Senior Day Oct. 28 victory.

While making it to the playoff game against Mary Washington on Oct. 31, the Seahawks took a heartbreaking 1-0 loss against the Eagles after a scoreless first-half against the fourth seed school.
“It was an intense game,” said junior midfielder Matt Grady after the match.

“While performance-wise we didn’t improve this season, in terms of teamwork and heart we really did.”

The Seahawks will return to the field next fall with the start of a new season. While the season could potentially be just as difficult with the loss of 11 seniors, the abilities of the incoming athletes will hopefully show the promise that the men’s team will need in 2011.

Field Hockey Dominates Fall Season From Start to Finish

With a strong 6-1 record at the start of the season, the St. Mary’s Women’s Field Hockey team has been in it to win it from the beginning. And as the season comes to a close, their drive is far from fading.

After starting the season winning 4-1 over Goucher College, the Seahawks continued to make waves in games against Johns Hopkins University (with a stunning overtime win), Virginia Wesleyan College, York College, and Stevenson University.

After a difficult game against Eastern Mennonite University resulting in a 2-0 loss, the Hawks brought themselves back to life as they went up against the University of Mary Washington. After a scoreless first period, the second period seemed like it would yield a similar outcome. But with less than two minutes remaining, sophomore Brooke Masimore scored her first goal of the season with an assist by sophomore Natalie Hackstaff, ending the game with a 1-0 win.

Though the Hawks lost in overtime against Lynchburg College, the team held their own for the entire game, proving that they were capable of victory and a spot in the playoffs.

As the Seahawks get ready for the Semi-Finals with an 11-5 record, Coach Katie Lange is ready to lead her team to victory. “Our game on Tuesday [against East Mennonite] wasn’t our best, but on Saturday and Sunday [versus Mary Washington and Lynchburg] we really started playing to our potential. They were extremely competitive games, and we improved a lot.”

First-year defense player Emily Stumme is new to the team, but has an objective outlook on their performance. “We came out way stronger in the Lynchburg and Mary Washington games than against EMU. [During the last two games] we started to play our game better and click in terms of what we needed to work on.”

Since the team has a bye in the first round of playoffs, they have a long break before their next game. “[The team] just has to keep pushing; we know what to expect and what the other teams are going to do [since we’ve already played them], so now we just have to know what we should do to end up victorious,” said Coach Lange.

“The team has risen to their expectations, and I’m very proud of them.”

Stumme has high hopes for the semi-finals. “[I’d love] to win and make it to finals,” she said. “Hopefully just playing our game will be enough to bring us to a win!”
“We’ve got a great group of girls this season,” said Assistant Coach Josh Hunter, now in his second season with the team. “It’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of pain, but that’s why we’re awesome.”

Soccer Seahawk Earns CAC Honors

Kelsey Wirtz, first-year goalkeeper for the Women's Soccer Seahawks (Photo Courtesy of SMCM Athletics).
Kelsey Wirtz, first-year goalkeeper for the Women's Soccer Seahawks (Photo Courtesy of SMCM Athletics).
The Capital Athletic Conference awarded Kelsey Wirtz, a first year goalkeeper for the College, the player of the week award for “Women’s Soccer Defensive Player of the Week.” Wirtz is the second Seahawk on the women’s soccer team to win the award this year.

Wirtz, originally from Parkton, MD, recorded five saves Saturday, Oct. 10, in St. Mary’s league shutout victory over York College. Wirtz’s defensive performance gave her a second shutout of the season.

A graduate of Hereford High School in Northern Baltimore County, Wirtz is a Biology major seeking to pursue a career in physical therapy. When asked how she felt about receiving the award, Wirtz described herself as “shocked.” “As a freshman, I didn’t really know they gave it to freshman,” Wirtz said, “I didn’t think I did that well.”

Wirtz said her key to success was playing well. “Especially defense, and [having] a close knit team really helps.”

Wirtz said having a “short memory” when playing is best for one’s emotional state. She said she doesn’t let a win inflate her ego too much while simultaneously doesn’t let a win demoralize her too much. “I just play my game [and] don’t get a big head about it,” Wirtz said.

Wirtz began playing soccer in first grade and received many awards and accolades throughout her soccer career. Her high school recognition included a nomination for the All-Maryland team; a member of the All-Baltimore County team and the Senior All-Star team; and an All-Division selection.

Wirtz was also a member of Hereford’s two-time Maryland State Cup semifinalist team and two-time regional 3A champions team.

The St. Mary’s Women’s Soccer has an overall record of 4-5-1 and an in-conference record of 4-1.

Seahawks Approach End of Strong Spring 2010 Season

This season is best described as a roller coaster of wins, losses, and emotion. With almost season-lasting winning streaks for some and heartbreaking losses for others, the Seahawks managed to play impressively despite rough beginnings due to weather for those on the fields. The season continues into finals week for some teams, while others have ended their Spring seasons to prepare for an even better performance in ’10-’11.

Men’s basketball once again played an incredible season, ending 26-4 under the direction of five-season coach Chris Harney. The team began in the Fall semester with three consecutive wins Nov. 20-22, continuing an impressive performance into the Spring with 15 wins and three losses by Jan. 23. After a conference game against Salisbury University on Jan. 23, the Seahawks began an uninterrupted winning streak that lasted an impressive 12 games. Taking the Capital Athletic Conference Championship from Wesley College on Feb. 27, the team moved into the NCAA Division III Tournament to take two victories before losing against Franklin & Marshall College 92-87 in the sectional semifinals.

Senior Camontae Griffin and junior Alex Franz were selected for the NABC All-Middle Atlantic Region Second Team, and Coach Harney was named Region Coach of the Year. Griffin was also selected as a client for Sports Management Worldwide, for representation in upper-level basketball.

Women’s basketball ended the season with 8-8 conference and 9-16 non-conference spreads in the run for the CAC Championship. Despite a rough four-streak loss in the beginning of the Fall season that began on Nov. 17 and a later five-game losing streak that left the Seahawks 5-13 by Jan. 27, the team resumed a strong performance with four wins and three losses to reach seed No. 4 before entering the CAC Championships. Unfortunately, the Seahawks were halted in the first round, losing 88-73 against the York College Spartans despite strong performances by junior guard Megan Seeman and senior guard Stephanie Saint-Aubin. Saint-Aubin was selected for the CAC All-Conference Second Team on Mar. 2.

Baseball had a rough season this semester, as the opening games against Randolph-Macon College, Christopher Newport University, the City College of New York, and Wilkes University were canceled due to the Jan. blizzard that left the Hawk’s Nest covered in snow and ice. Losing their chance for a starting home game, the Seahawks first played Salisbury on Feb. 27, almost a month after their intended starting date of Feb. 6. While the team was able to practice inside, running shifts in the Michael P. O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center did not prepare them for outside play. Over the course of the season, baseball was not able to recover from its initial season slump, managing only a four-win streak in mid-Mar. and five singles victories in the face of 24 losses Feb. 27-Apr. 20, currently in an eight-game losing streak after a 6-3 loss against Chris. Newport. The team’s final game this Sunday against Washington College was cancelled, leaving the team with a 9-24 season.

Beginning their first seasons as varsity teams for the College, the men’s and women’s cross country teams ended their regular seasons in the Fall with a fourth-place finish out of six (men’s) and nine (women’s) teams at the CAC Championships at Heritage Farm Park, Maryland. The team hosted a 24-hour relay run Apr. 9-10 to raise money for equipment and Southern Maryland Vacations for Vets, ensuring that at least one runner was on the track for the entire period. Both teams will return to the starting line in the Fall semester.

Also beginning in the Fall semester, the men’s tennis team began with a three-meet winning streak that was followed by two losses after a close 5-4 match against Catholic University on Sept. 26. Ending the Fall portion of the season 5-2, the Seahawks smashed the competition in the Spring with a 9-0 shut-out against Lancaster Bible College on Mar. 6. The team alternated between victories and losses before reaching the CAC tournament 11-9, but took the season-ending loss against York 9-0 on Apr. 18. The team’s final game on Apr. 22 ended with a 5-4 post-season win against Goucher College.

Beginning the season on Sept. 18, women’s tennis left the Fall portion 4-2 after a 9-0 shut-out against Lancaster Bible on Oct. 13. While returning to the courts with a 5-4 home-game loss against Wesley on Mar. 24, the team managed to pull a balanced season, performing 6-7 in the Spring portion to bring the Seahawks 10-9 overall as they headed into the CAC Tournament. While taking a close first-round against York on Apr. 18, 5-4, the team lost 9-0 to Salisbury on Apr. 19, ending the season 10-10. The team’s last game against Goucher ended on Apr. 22 with a 7–2 post-season loss.

The men’s swimming team continued its season from the Fall semester, standing 4-2 before returning to the Somerset pool in January. While suffering three consecutive losses, including an incredibly close 101-104 performance against Salisbury, the Seahawks performed well at the CAC Championship hosted by the College during Valentine’s Day weekend, placing third out of seven teams. After a post-season invitational on Feb. 20, the team closed out the regular season until next Fall.

Standing 6-1 from the Fall season, women’s swimming performed well as they dived into Spring 2010. While losing two consecutive meets off the starting block, the Seahawks defeated the Salisbury Seagulls 133-72 on Jan. 23, standing 7-3 as they entered the CAC Championships hosted by the College. Placing third out of seven teams on the tournament’s first day, impressive comebacks on days two and three boosted the Seahawks into second place, topped only by the University of Mary-Washington. Women’s swimming closed out the season after hosting an invitational meet on Feb. 20.

Another team to be affected by weather this season, men’s lacrosse began the season with a 22-7 loss against No. 5 Roanoke College on Feb. 21, followed by a 7-6 loss at the Bullis School on Feb. 27. The team managed to turn around its performance with a three-win streak, followed by a loss against Denison University on Mar. 17, 10-7. Again, the team returned to optimum play with three impressive wins before taking a heavy loss to No. 1 Salisbury, 18-5. The team continued its impressive scoring to hold an 8-5 conference, 4-1 non-conference spread as the Seahawks walked into the CAC Championship first round.

The team managed a 13-8 victory over Wesley before taking an away-game loss to Stevenson University, 16-3, ending in the semifinals with a 9-6 spread for Spring 2010.
If there was any team at the College this season that made an impressive comeback, it was the women’s lacrosse team, beginning their season on Feb. 27 with a 14-6 loss against Washington & Lee University that propagated to a six-game losing streak by Mar. 17 in Orlando, Florida. Turning the tide that same weekend, the Seahawks managed a 15-8 victory over Kean University before returning north, coming back with a 19-9 victory over Virginia-Wesleyan College in non-conference action. Despite a 20-8 loss on Mar. 28 against Salisbury, the team continued its season with a six-game winning streak that included a CAC first-round win against Marymount University, 17-10.

The team ended its official season with a heartbreaking loss in the semifinals against Mary Washington, 15-14, on Apr. 20. After an alumni game on Apr. 25, the team plays next on May 1 against Chris. Newport, followed by a match against Randolph-Macon on May 5.