Want to Rock at St. Mary’s? Join the Climbing Club!

BY Lily Riesett

When you first visit the Michael P. O’Brian Athletic and Recreation Center, otherwise known as the ARC, you might be surprised to hear indie rock music playing from the back of the Cardio Room. With a little investigation into this good music accompanied by laughter and cheers, you stumble onto the climbing wall, home of the Club Sports team, climbing. This welcoming environment is infectious to students; expect to be encouraged right away to try on a pair of climbing shoes and hop up on the wall. 

Sophomore Max McComsy talks about his introduction to the wall and the welcome he received. “When I visited St. Mary’s, I saw that there was a wall and I knew that I wanted to get into it, so I went to REI and bought a pair of shoes. When I came here, one of my floormates Ben was also interested in climbing so we decided to go together. We had a lot of fun, the employees at the wall and the Executive Board of the club are very helpful and welcoming.”

The club has President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Trip Coordinator positions, all filled by students who climb. Though McComsy is only a Sophomore, he and his friends were able to easily rise in the Climbing Club ranks. “We were just trying to get more climbing time with them and then we both ended up on the exec board!” said Max. “We kind of just all make decisions together, it’s not just the president taking precedence over all the decisions, so we help plan trips and we plan the events. I’m the treasurer, so I put in orders for  new stuff, but that’s only every once in a while. Ben’s the secretary,  he sends emails and does the Instagram stuff. Laura and Avery make big decisions, but they conversate with all of us and we all make decisions together.”

It is extremely easy to get involved with the wall and to find a group who will help introduce you to climbing. The Club itself meets on Thursday nights at 7:30, but there are always members of the Executive Board hanging out at the wall to assist you. McComsy said “if you are interested in climbing, we just had our competition, but that doesn’t mean that they missed out. The whole wall is brand new so there’s all new climbs. This is a great opportunity to come in because everybody’s still learning the wall together. Everybody at the front desk, no matter who it is, will be more than willing to help you out and get you started if you feel  nervous. You could also bring a friend, but you really shouldn’t be nervous. There’s  pressure at all, no one’s going to judge you. I started out and I was at a pretty beginner level and you can definitely see the progression.”

If you are interested in getting involved with the Climbing Club, stop by the wall Mondays through Fridays from 3-9PM, Saturdays from 3-6PM, or Sundays from 1-4PM. Or, reach out to them on Instagram @smcm_climbing.


By Michael Wade

Men’s Basketball

11/12 Brooklyn College, W 89-65

11/12 Ferrum, W 75-62

11/19 Hood, L 58-63

11/20 Gallaudet, L 56-64

11/22 Norfolk State, L 41-91

11/28  Delaware Valley, W 71-66

Men’s Swimming

11/11 Mary Washington, L 88-170

11/12 Gallaudet, W 107-55

11/19 Washington College, L 86-172

Women’s Basketball

11/11 St. Joseph’s Brooklyn, L 54-69

11/12 Pitt Bradford, W 71-51

11/19 Wilson, W 70-63

11/22 Catholic, L 34-63

Women’s swimming

11/11 Mary Washington, L 60-202

11/12 Cedar Crest, W 110-73

11/12 Gallaudet, W 124-44

11/19 Washington College, L 75-181

Upcoming St. Mary’s Home Events

December 7 – December 16

By Michael Wade

Men’s Basketball

12/10 Shenandoah 4:00 PM

Women’s Basketball

12/10 Notre Dame 1:00 PM