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Lil Nas X Should Not Have…

Lil Nas X, most famous for his hit “Old Town Road” released his newest single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” along with a music video on March 26 to extreme reactions. Much of the controversy surrounding the video comes from the scene where the singer rides a stripper pole to hell and then gives a lap dance to the devil. Obviously this is a bit shocking, but why people were actually upset was a bit strange. 

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Applications for the St. Mary’s Washington Program are now open

By: Lily Riesett The Washington Program, a faculty-lead professional development program for students interested in political science, now has its applications open for the 2021-2022 season. This program gives students the opportunity to apply to political science internships in Washington D.C. with the help of political science faculty Professors Fehrs and Shafqat, a Washington Program … Continue reading “Applications for the St. Mary’s Washington Program are now open”

Pride Garden paves way for LGBTQ+ acceptance and agricultural sustainability

By: Hannah Yale In the aftermath of the successful Call Us By Our Names sit-in for LGBTQ+ student rights, members of the SMCM community are continuing to make progress for queer issues on campus. One such project that has just recently broken ground is the Pride Garden at the Kate Chandler Farm. This new initiative … Continue reading “Pride Garden paves way for LGBTQ+ acceptance and agricultural sustainability”

Lunchtime Lecture by Dr. Celia Rabinovitch: “Through Her Own Eyes”

By: Charlotte Mayer On Wednesday, Nov. 3, Dr. Celia Rabinovitch gave a lecture called “Through Her Own Eyes – Surrealist Women Artists In Their Own Words.” The lecture took place from 12 to 1 p.m. over Zoom. Dr. Rabinovitch looked at the intertwining artistic biographies of surrealist women artists such as Frida Kahlo, Luchita Hurtado, … Continue reading “Lunchtime Lecture by Dr. Celia Rabinovitch: “Through Her Own Eyes””

Is Marvel’s “Eternals” As Bad As The Reviews Say?

By: Annilee Hampton Marvel’s newest offering “Eternals” surprised fans in all the wrong ways when its Rotten Tomatoes critics’ score was revealed to be only 47%; Marvel’s first ever film to have a rotten score. However, the audience score differed strongly from the critics’ score, settling at 80% –at the time that this article is … Continue reading “Is Marvel’s “Eternals” As Bad As The Reviews Say?”


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