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Lil Nas X Should Not Have…

Lil Nas X, most famous for his hit “Old Town Road” released his newest single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” along with a music video on March 26 to extreme reactions. Much of the controversy surrounding the video comes from the scene where the singer rides a stripper pole to hell and then gives a lap dance to the devil. Obviously this is a bit shocking, but why people were actually upset was a bit strange. 

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This Month in SMCM Sports History

By: Ellie Pratt 10/20/1954: It was reported in Signal News that the Volleyball “Triple Round Robin Tournament” began with each class choosing a captain and team name for the season. Seniors chose “Sexy Senior Siren;” juniors were the “Volley Bells and their Beaux;” sophomores picked “Happy Wanderers”; and freshmen were the “Jumping Beans.” The sophomoresContinue reading “This Month in SMCM Sports History”


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