Join Our Staff!


We are always looking for St. Mary’s students to join The Point News. It does not matter what your major is nor do you need any prior journalism or photography experience at all. (Although, if you are curious about applying for an editor position, prior experience is highly recommended.) Students are more than welcome to join as a staff member at any point during the semester or school year. We encourage students to join at any grade level, you can be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior – it is never too early or too late to join.

The Point News Staff DOES get PAID and it is 100% considered a job.

Please email all job inquires for TPN to Devin Garner at

We welcome all students (on the newspaper staff or not) to submit Letters to the Editor or Opinion pieces. Both opinion pieces and Letters to the Editor must be e-mailed to Charlotte Mac Kay ( We do not guarantee that any letter or article will be printed. The author should sign their name and graduation year. Letters are more likely to be printed if they have relevance to a considerable portion of the college community, are likely to spark dialogue or present new ideas.

The opinions expressed in commentaries and letters are solely those of the writers and not necessarily the views of The Point News or St. Mary’s College of Maryland. We reserve the right to edit any work submitted to The Point News in order to correct errors in spelling and grammar or to shorten the length.