Study Abroad Feature: Charlotte Mayer  

By Nicole Osborne 

Junior Charlotte Mayer is currently studying abroad in London at the University of Roehampton. SMCM offers study abroad programs for all majors in different areas such as Asia, the United Kingdom, Europe, North and South America, and more. In 2021, the Office of International Education had to temporarily shut down the study abroad program due to the pandemic, but as of 2022, they have gradually reopened various approved programs. By the spring of 2023, all study abroad programs will be approved and open for applications. By spending a semester overseas, students can experience new places and cultures, meet new people, gain a global perspective and earn credits toward their degree. Each student that wishes to study abroad must participate in the application process which is unique to each major and program chosen. Charlotte Mayer said, “I thought the application process at SMCM was pretty easy. For my application, I had to write a few paragraphs on why I wanted to study abroad at the University of Roehampton. There were a lot of important forms to fill out. You also have to fill out a course equivalency sheet to figure out how your classes will transfer at SMCM.” 

The Office of International Education here at SMCM is very involved in getting students acquainted with the study abroad programs offered thus their help and guidance are always available through the application process for students.Charlotte stated that “My major is English which obviously ties in with England. There are a lot of museums and shows related to English literature. For example, in December, I am going to the Brontë Museum.” This is something fun and engaging that students can participate in via studying abroad while earning substantial credits towards their major or field of study! 

When asked about how studying abroad has furthered her education and growth as an individual, Mayer stated that; “I think studying abroad has made me feel more independent. I like exploring London on my own. At first, I was worried that I would get lost but now I am more confident in my abilities.” Studying in London has a lot of perks, according to Charlotte: “Living in London made it easier to travel to different countries by train such as Scotland and Wales, which was fun. Roehampton has a social program that helped me meet a lot of other international students and go on trips with them.” The study abroad experience provides students with exposure to new people, places, and cultures. She also said that “One thing that is different from the US is I don’t have as many assignments. I have some essays to turn in at the end of the semester but that’s it.” 

The study abroad program at SMCM is a great opportunity for students to experience new places and cultures, meet new people, gain global perspective and earn credits towards your degree. As exemplified by SMCM junior Charlotte Mayer, studying abroad is challenging yet rewarding as you gain substantial experience that will further your education and growth as a student and an individual overall. If you are interested, Charlotte recommended that you “contact the Office of International Education at SMCM. Aurora Margarita-Goldkamp is the director and she can help you with any questions you have. Also, make sure your passport has not expired because it takes a very long time to get a new one.” 

End the Semester with a Holiday Concert!

By Blythe Petit

The holidays are just around the corner, and winter music is coming into season with them. There will be three music concerts at St. Mary’s College this December. They will all be held in the new Nancy R. and Norton T. Dodge Performing Arts Center auditorium, located across the street from Waring Commons.

On Dec. 2 at 7 pm, the SMCM Symphony Orchestra and St. Mary’s College Jazz Band will be having their free recital concert. These groups are led by Jeff Silberschlag. Freshman Aidan Tramontana, who plays percussion and drums in the Orchestra and Jazz Band, told The Point News “ I’m greatly excited to be performing in our second Orchestra and Jazz concert in the new Performing Arts Center. The new auditorium is one of the nicest spaces I’ve had the privilege of performing in as a musician so far. I’m most excited for our Orchestra and Jazz band’s combined performance of the Nutcracker Suite. The orchestra will be playing movements from the original arrangement while the jazz band will be playing versions originally recorded and performed by Duke Ellington. The program also includes a set of Jazz and Funk arrangements of popular Beatles tunes, including Blackbird. Overall, I’m excited to be performing and I hope all students take this opportunity to come watch.”

The next day, Dec. 3, the SMCM Chamber Singers will be performing Handel’s Messiah at 2 pm. They are under the direction of Larry Vote. This performance is free, but tickets are required. 

The last concert is the New York Voices, on Dec. 9 at 7 pm. The New York Voices is a group that was created at Ithaca College in the 1980s, consisting of 5 members: Peter Eldridge, Kim Nazarian, Darmon Meader, Caprice Fox and Sara Krieger. Their music is a mix of acoustic,electric, traditional and crossover jazz. The Boston Herald spoke to their past performances saying, “New York Voices lives up to its reputation as the most exciting vocal ensemble in current jazz, to collect such quality voices in one group is rare enough, yet the real trick of New York Voices is how well they mesh.” Tickets for this concert are $22 and can also be purchased on Eventbrite.

If other student groups are interested in reserving space in the Performing Arts Center for their own performances, they can contact Keith Hinton at kdhinton@smcm.edu to check availability. Then they can talk to the Office of Events and Conferences to have their event entered into the system and to arrange for any furniture or technology needs. If catering is needed students can contact Bon Appetit at extension 3963. For audio-visual technology needs, contact David Smith at dmsmith2@smcm.edu. Available spaces include the auditorium, which seats 700 people, the recital hall, which seats 128 people, and either of the lobby areas.

There will be many more musical performances to come next year, including the spring musical. The chosen show is Double A Cabaret, and auditions will be held on Dec. 5 at 7 pm. They will take place in the Performing Arts Center recital hall, room 111. Interested singers should bring two songs and provide a backing track if needed. To sign up, visit the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board across from room 134.

Pet Feature: Bruno & Marzipan

By: Catherine Wasilko

If you have been on Yik Yak, you may have seen two rats from time to time. Meet Bruno and Marzipan, two rats from QA who are polar opposites of each other. Marzipan is very outgoing and loves to jump around and explore everything in sight. Marzipan is small but mighty, as he is the one in charge. Bruno, on the other hand, is very shy and much larger than Marzipan, about the size of a shampoo bottle. Bruno also loves to eat and stores noodles in different places in the cage, a job he takes very seriously. Both Bruno and Marzipan love turkey sandwich meat and corn. When their owner comes home with a cup of turkey sandwich meat, they go bonkers! Both Bruno and Marzipan sleep during the day and are active around dinner time until the witching hour, and their favorite pastimes are eating and getting scratches behind their ears.