Reggie the Russian Tortoise

Reggie (Courtest of Ellie Wilmarth)

By Madeline Kenerly

Meet the queen of Warring Commons, Reggie the Russian Tortoise. One of Reggie’s favorite pastimes is to stroll through the fields of WC, making sure her kingdom is in check. When she is not outside, Reggie likes to relax under her lamp and have stare-downs with her four-legged, furry housemate Scout. Come meal time, Reggie likes to chow down on juicy tomatoes, bell peppers, and lettuce. While Reggie may be a queen, she makes sure she leaves lots of presents for her owner/best friend, Ellie. When Reggie senses that Ellie is stressed with homework, she will promptly leave a nice present of poop on her friend’s carpet in hopes that it will bring Ellie some comfort in her time of stress. If you ever see her majesty while you visit the kingdom, be sure to stop by and say hello, Reggie loves to meet her residents. 

Hawk Radio Is Back!

By Hannah Yale

Attention all aspiring podcast creators– the SMCM Hawk Studio is making a comeback after years of hiatus!

The Hawk Studio is a professional recording studio located in the Campus Center, open for both student and professor use. The studio is split up into two sections. Studio A contains 4 seats around a table with a monitor, while Studio B is slightly smaller. The Hawk Radio staff designed Studio B to create a cozier feel “for one-on–one talks.”

The new Hawk Radio team encourages creators to use the studio for podcasts and talk shows alike. If you have any questions or are interested in getting in touch with Hawk Radio, they will answer emails at smcm.hawkstudio@gmail.com. You can also find them on Instagram @smcm_hawkstudio

In Nov. 2021, Derek Young collaborated with SGA to pass a bill granting funds for Hawk Radio to build an improved studio and hire a team of staff to help run the daily operations related to the studio. 

Over the next few weeks, the new Hawk Radio team will be posting updates about the studio renovations on their Instagram page. Once Hawk Studio is fully functional again, the staff will be able to train podcasters on how to use the technology hooked up in the two studio rooms. The 2022-2023 staff are: Head Manager Anthony Lanzano, Scheduling Manager Vincent Landret and Marketing Manager Joseph Daly. 

Stay tuned for an in-depth interview with the Hawk Radio team!

Student Artist Feature: Christopher Rand-Crawford and the Band Lookout!

By Marlon Rodriguez

Christopher Rand-Crawford, a junior at St. Mary’s, has been on tour playing gigs with the band Lookout! around campus. Rand-Crawford, a biology major and Spanish minor, joined the band in 2021 as classes moved from the virtual format back to in-person. While also heading the music club as co-president, he is the rhythm guitarist of the band who provides the foundation for the lead singers. 

Rand-Crawford started his journey as a guitarist in Lookout! thought the music club, where the band was first born. An old friend from his high school encouraged him to join and brought him back to playing music after taking a break for some time. He first played guitar for the music club during last semester’s Seahawk Talent show. After meeting with other members of the music club, the band began to form and play for school events under the name Identity Crisis. Perhaps fittingly, the group later decided to rename itself, now playing as Lookout!. As one of the guitarists in the band, Rand-Crawford has used his skills to play in various campus events, with some highlights including playing before Yung Gravy during his visit to campus in the Spring semester of 2022, as well as in this year’s Bottom County music festival. With a focus on playing covers of songs, Rand-Crawford plays in various styles ranging from “punk rock to jazz funk.” “We’ve done “Yellow” by Coldplay, “Upside Down” by Jack Johnson, and “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder,” says Rand-Crawford of his performances. His personal favorites are “Upside-Down” by Jack Johnson and “Colors” by the Black Pumas.

Playing the guitar and getting a chance to perform has helped Rand-Crawford reconnect with his cherished art form and share it with others. He states that: “For a long time, I lost my passion. Playing in the band has helped me to reignite it.” As a rhythm guitarist, he adds that “It’s not the most glamorous or flashy thing, but it’s super important and holds the group together.” 

The rest of the members of the band consist of Beck Wiedmaier, Jack Uhl, Zachary Glime, Zayon Morgan and two new additions- Conor O’Callaghan and Anaïs Williams. Wiedmaier, who is the band’s bassist, has over two years of experience playing the bass guitar. Uhl, the band’s lead guitarist, has been playing for over 10 years, and has been accepted to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Glime is the lead singer for the band and has been playing with them for a long time. Morgan is the drummer for the band, while O’Callaghan is the new and incoming singer, and Williams also plays the drums, as well as provides back-up vocals for the group. 

Rand-Crawford hopes to continue playing the guitar in more events around campus and St. Mary’s County in general. He says he is just trying to bring the best performance wherever he goes. “The beautiful thing about covers is that you can put your own spin on it,” he says. The next time Rand-Crawford will be playing will be on Sept. 23 at 7 p.m. for the opening of the new music hall. 

Christopher Rand-Crawford (Courtesy of Madeleine Phillips)

Sports Photographer Bill Woods “Sports in Action” in Boyden Gallery

By Morgan Babylon 

The gallery of Bill Wood, “Sports in action: The Sports Photographer of Bill Wood,” is now open from Aug. 29 through Nov. 19 and features his work through the years. Bill Wood is the contracted sports photographer for Saint Mary’s College of Maryland and works directly with our department of athletics to capture spectacular pictures. His works have earned him numerous awards from works published in local newspapers, sports illustrated, Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia inquirer and many more notable resources. On Wednesday Sept. 7 there was an opening reception to meet the photographer and experience his work in the exhibition. During the opening reception Mr. Woods had mentioned how he was surprised that St Mary’s College of Maryland wanted a sports photography exhibition. In the gallery one could see the progression of his work, moving from black and white to colored print where the raw emotions during these events were on display. Bill Wood made a note that some of the works were from those he had taken at St. Mary’s as well as other schools and events that he had the privilege of attending in his career.  

. As some of the photos are from events that have taken place at St. Mary’s it is worth a visit as your own picture may be hanging up. Another element that was intriguing had been two past cameras that were used to take pictures throughout his career, and what was truly interesting about these cameras was that the age and use that came out of them is evident on the exterior. First year Madeleine Philips says that: “I thought the exhibit was very interesting. Like him, I am a sports photographer, so it was cool to learn about how he started and to see both his beginning work that was taken on film, as nowadays the vast majority of sport photos are taken digitally, and his current work that aims to document the emotions of the players and coaches.” Based on this student’s opinion about the exhibit it can be gathered that this exhibit, at least from a fellow enthusiast standpoint, is worth the time to go and see.  

As previously mentioned, this exhibit is open all the way through Nov. 19, so there is time to admire the artwork and enjoy laughing along at some of the expressions of raw emotion that people create. Even if you do not exactly find sports to be the most fascinating, or you love watching sports, this gallery truly features something for everyone. As mentioned, there is a comedy factor as the photos capture people in action whether they are sad, happy, angry or anything else you may think of. Bill Woods made a point of saying that he is available through his email and social media and is dedicated to St. Mary’s. If any questions arise about his artwork or employment at St. Mary’s college of Maryland he asked for students to reach out and communicate as he is happy to be involved with this community.  

Bill Woods (Photo Courtesy of Madeleine Phillips)