Contacting and Advertising with The Point News

St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Campus Center Room 105
18952 E Fisher’s Road
St. Mary’s City, Maryland 20686


The Point News is the sole student-operated newspaper at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. It is published biweekly by a dedicated editorial staff of undergraduate students. With each issue, we strive to focus on topics that we believe the campus community is interested in and will respond to. As a staff, we strive to adhere to strict journalistic ethics and we believe strongly that a campus’ newspaper should be free from institutional interference. All content that appears on this website is researched, written, edited, and published by students, with some editorials written by members of the administration; this is a fact that we pride ourselves on. In recognition of the staff’s hard work, The Point News has earned “First Place with Special Merit” honors from the American Scholastic Press Association.

Advertising With Us

Local Rates

Full-page (Color): 5 col (11.58”) W x 20.0” H – $500
Full-page (Black & White): 5 col (11.58”) W x 20.0” H – $500
Half Page Horizontal (Black & White, Color): 5 col (11.58”) W x 10.0” H – $250
Half Page Vertical (Black & White, Color): 2.5 col (5.75”) W x 20.0” H – $250
Quarter Page Vertical (Black & White, Color): 2.5 col (5.75”) W x 10.0” H – $125
Quarter Page Horizontal (Black & White, Color): 5 col (11.58”) W x 5.0” H – $125
Eighth Page Vertical (Black & White, Color): 2.5 col (5.75”) W x 5” – $75                           Business Card Size (Black & White, Color) – $30


Purchase a full semester of any ad type: 20%
Non-profit discount: 25%*

On-campus discounts

Students, clubs, and professors receive a 50% discount*

Preferred formats:

Ads must be purchased seven days prior to the print date and graphics must be submitted the Friday before a print date.

* Nonprofit and on-campus discounts do not apply to full-page ads.

Contact Charlotte Mac Kay at for questions or more details.