Student Opinions on Parking Regulations at Historic 

By Ellie Pratt On Sept. 13, 2021, the official Instagram of the student government association for St. Mary’s posted a reminder that “Public safety can still ticket you if you park in Historic, even if you’re a patron of Enso’s. Avoid the $20 fine, take a bike and enjoy the walk!” This post sparked someContinue reading “Student Opinions on Parking Regulations at Historic “

Is the Full Fall Semester Better?

By Ellie Pratt Fall 2020 was an incredibly strange time for most people, but especially for students. Here at St. Mary’s, the majority of classes were completely virtual, in addition to the semester being compressed. Rather than ending two weeks after Thanksgiving break, students went home the week before and had finals the week afterContinue reading “Is the Full Fall Semester Better?”

Increased Catcalling on Campus Needs Addressing

While SMCM students have only been on campus during the fall 2021 semester for a few weeks, students, especially female students, have started to see an increase in catcalling. This has become a hindrance for many female students, causing them to feel uncomfortable when walking around campus near Route 5.