SMCM Runs “Through the Lens” Photography Program

By Angelie Roche Beginning this month, SMCM’s Inclusive Diversity, Equity, Access and Accountability office partnered with the St. Mary’s County Art Council to run a community photography program for underrepresented youth– that is, first-generation college students, Pell Grant recipients, ethnic minorities, and students with disabilities. The program, called Through The Lens, aims to provide mentorshipContinue reading “SMCM Runs “Through the Lens” Photography Program”

Bon Appetit Hiring Student Workers

By: Angelie Roche Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Bon Appetit — the company that supplies food and dining services for St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) — has been experiencing a staffing shortage. While last year’s restricted dining regulations allowed them to condense their operations, the company is now attempting to provide full service amid the “returnContinue reading “Bon Appetit Hiring Student Workers”

Historic St. Mary’s Celebrates Indigenous Heritage Day

By: Jennifer Jenkins On Sept. 11, Historic St Mary’s City (HSMC) celebrated Indigenous Heritage Day. The celebration happens every year, rain or shine. This year’s event featured demonstrations related to archaeology, hide tanning, pottery, wooden canoes and flint knapping. These are traditional crafts that are represented accurately and appropriately. It is important to have bothContinue reading “Historic St. Mary’s Celebrates Indigenous Heritage Day”

Title IX and Mandatory Reporter Inconsistencies Among Student Leaders

By: Maggie Warnick The St. Mary’s College of Maryland Title IX website states that college mandatory reporters are “Faculty, staff, coaches, Public Safety, Resident Assistants (RAs), Residence Hall Coordinators (RHCs), etc.” This definition makes it a bit ambiguous as to who is a mandatory reporter under Title IX, especially for student leaders. Mandatory reporters areContinue reading “Title IX and Mandatory Reporter Inconsistencies Among Student Leaders”

SMCM Reopens to a New “Normal”

By: Angelie Roche It has now been a year and a half since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and many college students have been itching to “get back to normal.” Others cannot even define what “normal” is, having spent their senior year of high school and/or freshman year of college entirely on Zoom. In light ofContinue reading “SMCM Reopens to a New “Normal””