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Physically Explaining Japan’s Natural Disaster

April 5, 2011 zrcopley 0

Amidst a rush of news stories covering the recent triple-disaster in Japan, it is often hard to fully understand all of what has happened merely from reading about it in popular publications. Three physics faculty members held a special forum to discuss the recent disaster in Japan, and specifically the ongoing nuclear crisis at the Fukushima plant.

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On Oxford and the Changing Face of Education: A Conversation With Maggie

November 16, 2010 zrcopley 0

I recently spoke with Jane Margaret “Maggie” O’Brien, the former president of St. Mary’s, about what she’s been involved with lately. She stepped down from the college in July of 2009 and began working for Oxford University’s international program, the College for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS).

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October 9, 2010 zrcopley 0

A conversation in the car with her husband, which took all of a few minutes, is what Dr. Sommer Gentry said got her started on a problem she has now been working on for 6 years. The problem is easy enough to explain: basically, it can be really tough to get a kidney if you need one.

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No Leaps and Bounds in Internet Speed Increase

September 22, 2010 zrcopley 0

Annoyingly laggy Internet speeds on campus might be short-lived, due to a soon-to-be upgraded infrastructure – or, on the other hand, could just continue. Although the College’s Internet speed is set to more than double in October, from 45 megabits to 100, this might not do a lot to speed up the most bandwidth-intense activity of Internet browsing.

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New Semester, New Staff

September 1, 2010 zrcopley 0

This summer, St. Mary’s has seen more than half a dozen faculty and administration leave the school, most notably former President Maggie O’Brien. In response, a wave of new people has swept in to St. Mary’s on the heels of President Joseph Urgo.

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SGA to Start Green Revolving Fund

April 12, 2010 zrcopley 0

A new bill passed by the Student Government Association (SGA) will allocate roughly $100,000 to a new fund for creating or implementing sustainable, energy-saving technologies and systems on campus. The […]

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Students Protest Lack of Free Food at Lecture

April 1, 2010 zrcopley 0

In a show of solidarity for hungry college students across the country, students protested last Friday outside a lecture in the Campus Center against the lack of after-lecture refreshments. About a dozen protesters congregated outside the doors of Cole Cinema to bring attention to the lack of coffee, tea and cookies usually present at lectures such as this one.