Facebook Experiences Two Major Outages in a Week

By Angelie Roche  Around 11:30 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 4 and 3 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 8, Facebook and all of its connected apps– including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger– became inaccessible to users across the United States and the world. Monday’s outage lasted for five hours and Friday’s for nearly two, causing widespread panic asContinue reading “Facebook Experiences Two Major Outages in a Week”

Supreme Court Votes No on D.C. Voter Representation

By Jordan Williams On Monday, Oct. 4, the Supreme Court struck down a case that would have granted District of Columbia (D.C.) residents the right to vote for representatives in Congress. The case was called CASTANON v. United States, Dist. Court, Dist. of Columbia 2020. In this case, the plaintiffs argued that D.C. residents wereContinue reading “Supreme Court Votes No on D.C. Voter Representation”

The Legends of Southern Maryland

By Ellie Pratt  Southern Maryland is a place teeming with legends of ghosts, witches and all manner of strange things. Although they may seem silly at times, Julia King, a professor of Anthropology at St. Mary’s explained that: “Ghost stories help us work through some of the anxieties that we as a society have–sort ofContinue reading “The Legends of Southern Maryland”

Student Opinions on Parking Regulations at Historic 

By Ellie Pratt On Sept. 13, 2021, the official Instagram of the student government association for St. Mary’s posted a reminder that “Public safety can still ticket you if you park in Historic, even if you’re a patron of Enso’s. Avoid the $20 fine, take a bike and enjoy the walk!” This post sparked someContinue reading “Student Opinions on Parking Regulations at Historic “

Is the Full Fall Semester Better?

By Ellie Pratt Fall 2020 was an incredibly strange time for most people, but especially for students. Here at St. Mary’s, the majority of classes were completely virtual, in addition to the semester being compressed. Rather than ending two weeks after Thanksgiving break, students went home the week before and had finals the week afterContinue reading “Is the Full Fall Semester Better?”

Writing and Speaking Center Hiring New Peer Tutors

By: Charlotte Mayer Fall 2021 Peer Tutor Applications are now open for SMCM’s Writing and Speaking Center. The center is a place where “writers and speakers come together to talk about the craft of communication,” according to the SMCM website. It is located on the first floor of the library overlooking St. John’s Pond, andContinue reading “Writing and Speaking Center Hiring New Peer Tutors”

Anthropology Toolkit Class Conducts Library Ethnography

By: Maggie Warnick If you frequent the library, you may have noticed someone walking around making notes on a clipboard or have had someone stop you on your way in or out to ask you some questions. This phenomenon is a result of the library ethnography project being conducted by Anthropology department chair and ProfessorContinue reading “Anthropology Toolkit Class Conducts Library Ethnography”

SMCM Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month

By: Lily Riesett October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, dedicated to raise awareness about the problem of domestic violence, encourage healthy relationships and to show solidarity to violence survivors. St. Mary’s in tandem with the Title IX Office has made it a priority to make sure this month is recognized by the campus community. Continue reading “SMCM Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

SMCM Runs “Through the Lens” Photography Program

By Angelie Roche Beginning this month, SMCM’s Inclusive Diversity, Equity, Access and Accountability office partnered with the St. Mary’s County Art Council to run a community photography program for underrepresented youth– that is, first-generation college students, Pell Grant recipients, ethnic minorities, and students with disabilities. The program, called Through The Lens, aims to provide mentorshipContinue reading “SMCM Runs “Through the Lens” Photography Program”

This Month in SMCM Sports History

By: Ellie Pratt 10/20/1954: It was reported in Signal News that the Volleyball “Triple Round Robin Tournament” began with each class choosing a captain and team name for the season. Seniors chose “Sexy Senior Siren;” juniors were the “Volley Bells and their Beaux;” sophomores picked “Happy Wanderers”; and freshmen were the “Jumping Beans.” The sophomoresContinue reading “This Month in SMCM Sports History”