Pet Feature: Charmander

By Madeline Kenerly

Vol. 82 Issue 6 December 14th 2021

Meet Charmander, the fun-loving bearded dragon! Charmander currently resides in LQ and is loving college life. One of Charmander’s favorite activities is to climb up on elevated surfaces and then make the big jump off and back to the ground. Other than death-defying stunts, Charmander likes to get some midday beauty sleep under the warmth of her basking light and get all the pets and attention she deserves. Charmander also loves to eat. I mean who doesn’t right? Veggies, strawberries and, of course, bugs are all a part of a bearded dragon’s heart-healthy diet. Many times, you can find Charmander sitting in her windowsill watching the world go by.  So if you ever find yourself walking in LQ keep your eyes peeled for Charmander.

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