Basketball Season is Here!

By Catherine Wasilko

Vol. 82 Issue 6 December 14 2021

The SMCM basketball season is starting up again. The men’s basketball team recently had a home game on Nov. 20 against John Hopkins, and an away game on Nov. 23 at Hampden-Sydney. The women’s basketball team also had an away game that same day at Catholic. When asked for his thoughts on the season starting, senior Seth Jones said, “I’m just excited to be back with the team since I stayed home last year and learned remotely,” Jones explains. “I still reflect back on our first official practice we had this season and I remember how ecstatic I was for the season to start.”

The men’s basketball team began their season on Tuesday Nov. 9 at Morgan State losing 55 to 118. Their home game on Nov. 13 was against both Catholic and Gallaudet. They were to play Hood that same day, but the game was postponed. On Nov. 14, they had another home game against Catholic. They pushed the needle far enough to take the lead, winning their first game 79 to 76. The most recent game was home against John Hopkins, losing 53 to 75. The men’s basketball season will continue after finals week, ending their season on Dec. 20. Jones explained his past experiences with the team, stating, “In the past we’ve always had very talented teams composed of high character athletes that came to practice everyday with a mentality to work hard and get better.”

The women’s basketball team began their season on Nov. 6 at Hood, losing 37 to 73. They had a home game on Nov. 12 against Catholic, losing again 30 to 64. Another home game was played on Nov. 13, with the team’s first win 67 to 54. On Nov. 17, they had an away game at Washington College, losing 75 to 43. The women’s basketball season will continue through the break before the spring semester, with their final game on Jan. 11 at St. Mary’s. When asked what she was looking forward to most this season, senior Cassidy Kupchinskas answered, “I’m looking forward to playing in this new conference and seeing new teams we’ve never played before.” She adds, “I’m also looking forward to playing in front of fans because it seems like we haven’t played in front of a crowd in such a long time.” Kupchinskas explained how the team played in an empty gym as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Both Jones and Kupchinskas came from humble beginnings to their basketball careers. When asked about their start in basketball, Kupchinskas answered, “When I was younger I lived in a neighborhood with a lot of kids my age and we all really enjoyed playing sports.” She added, “We would play in each other’s backyards and driveways but our favorite sport to play was basketball because we had a few different basketball hoops we could play on.” Jones answered the same question, saying, “I started playing basketball when I was five years old at the John Eager Howard Recreation Center located in West Baltimore.” He added, “Both of my older brothers were playing at the Rec Center before me and that’s how I ended up playing there as well.”

When asked about what they most look forward to this season, Kupchinskas summarized her response, saying, “Overall, I’m very excited for this upcoming season because of the new conference, finally playing in front of fans again, and being able to compete with my teammates for a conference championship.” Jones answered, “I’m looking forward to competing with my teammates.” He explained, “We have a young team this season and I’m excited to see how our team grows as the season progresses.” Jones is also a featured Seahawk on the school’s athletic website.

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