Best Coffee Houses of St. Mary’s County

By: Lily Riesett

There is nothing more quintessential to the college experience than an overpriced cup of liquid energy used to make it through the endless hours of studying. Luckily, St. Mary’s County is chock-full of coffee shops that are easily accessible to St. Mary’s College students. From establishments in Historic St. Mary’s City to converted Yurts in Lexington Park, there are many great options for places where St. Mary’s students can fuel their caffeine addictions.

Enso Kitchen:  47414 Old State House Rd, St Mary’s City, MD 20686

Enso Kitchen has been considered one of the best kept secrets of St. Mary’s. While one might think this little stone building is just a historical structure for St. Mary’s City, it is actually a converted bakery functioning for modern baking practices. Enso sells baguettes, coffee, challah, and sandwiches, but their most popular item is their delectable croissants. They are only sold at the store Wednesday through Friday and customers are recommended to pre-order. Enso is owned by the family of SMCM environmental science professor Dr. Ellen Kohl. Dr. Kohl and her husband frequently donate uneaten bread to the college food pantry, contributing to the college community even more. SMCM student Regan Farrar simply reviews Enso by saying “Good biscuits, good cold brew, and good vibes!”

The Beanery: 22737 Three Notch Rd, California, MD 20619

A little farther up the road from St. Mary’s College is The Beanery, a coffee shop and bakery located in California, MD. The Beanery has both a breakfast and lunch menu, complete with pastries, bagel sandwiches, and salads. They also have an extensive drink menu with coffee supplied by local coffee roaster Chesapeake Roaster. You can see St. Mary’s students study in the comfortable seating on the weekends or after class. If you do not have time to sit with a cup of coffee, you can use the drive-through to get a quick fix. St. Mary’s student Andrew Seitzman says “The Beanery is fantastic!” He recommends trying the pumpkin patch latte, “specifically iced!”

St. Inie’s: 46915 S Shangri La Drive, Lexington Park, MD 20653

St. Inie’s coffee house has been in business since 2015, starting as a small coffee stand at one of the local St. Mary’s County farmers markets. Since then, they have expanded to a yurt-like building in Downtown Lexington Park. Here, they sell cold brew and pour-over coffees, straying away from frilly drinks. Have no fear though, because their coffee is one that deserves to be tasted! St. Inie’s does sell pastries, bagels, and bags of whole bean coffee. They also have a selection of novels you can peruse and purchase inside. St. Inie’s has stuck to their roots though, allowing you to be able to find them at local farmers’ markets on Saturdays.

If you do not have access to a car and cannot check out these coffee shops in person, make sure to stop by the Daily Grind in the Campus Center for a nice cup of coffee!

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