Upcoming Book, Television, and Movie Releases to Look Out for This Fall

Breezing into autumn in full, many long anticipated releases of seasonally aligned shows or books are approaching rapidly. 

By: Emily Vance

Benjamin Alire Sáenz, author of “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” and winner of the Stonewall award as well as a multitude of other awards for this novel, exemplifies themes of identity, specifically that of Mexican-Americans as that relates to his personal experiences. The sequel to the previously stated novel, “Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters do the World,” picks up from challenging and understanding how different aspects of your identity interact and potentially conflict and further develops this concept to “discover what it means to stay in love and build a relationship in a world that seems to challenge their very existence.”

A more seasonally appropriate novel coming out Oct. 19 is “The Restoration” by J.H. Moncrieff. The novel, influenced by the author’s overnight stay in a historically haunted house, follows a woman who was hired to restore an old mansion. As the woman and her daughter move into the house and begin the process of fixing the house the woman quickly realizes there is something not right. The house will not let her leave until its secrets are told, those same secrets could very well be the death of her. 

As Halloween creeps up, many television shows are set to release and embrace the oncoming spooky season. In terms of recurring shows, “You” season three is set to release Oct. 15 on Netflix. Leaving off with an unexpected pregnancy and a brief glance into a new nuclear family with a bloody past, “You” builds up excitement for its third renewal due to its astounding popularity. Anticipate a venture into the minds of two killers who seem to be the perfect match with similar pasts and motives as they attempt to assimilate into the suburban lifestyle despite its contradictory nature. 

Another show to look out for this fall that delves more into the horror genre is “Chucky”, which is set to release Oct. 12 on SyFy and USA. A revamped version of the notorious film franchise, “Chucky” follows the trend of the terror the doll reigns upon humans, this time with a “Joker” style narrative. The Chucky doll, bought by a local teenager at a garage sale, teams up with his new unlikely ally; Instead of attacking the boy Chucky defends him from his classmates’ unrelenting bullying. The doll, in front of the school at an assembly by the side of the boy, states “It’s contagious isn’t it? Laughing at people.”. Expect a new look into the mind of the infamous killer through this thriller commentary of cruelty in society. 

In the realm of movies, “Halloween Kills,”, the continuation of the classic “Halloween” horror movie franchise, is set to release in theatres Oct. 15. The movie is the 12th installment in the film franchise, as well as the sequel to “Halloween” 2018. Previously, the series left off with Micheal Myers who had been thought to be dead by Laurie, Karen, and Allyson, yet is shown to the viewer as just barely alive. The sequel picks up with Laurie assembling a mob from the town, hunting down Micheal in a vigilant pursuit hoping to finally end it all.

An upcoming movie to look out for later into the fall is “Encanto,” a Disney movie following a family hidden in the mountains of Colombia where each child is blessed with a magic gift except Mirabel. After discovering that their magic may be in danger, Mirabel may be the family’s last hope. The film’s musical aspect features the work of Lin-Manuel Miranda, who previously worked on the score This film is perfect for those who love the feeling of fall in films yet are not fond of the horror genre and is set to release in theatres Nov. 24 and on Disney Plus Dec. 24.

Look out for not only the new releases previously stated, but other horror movies, novels and shows as we enter October.

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