September: This Month in SMCM Sports History

Maggie Warnick

9/28/1962– The St. Mary’s junior college Athletic Association began its 35th year as a club, according to The Point News. The club kicked off the academic year with its annual campus picnic on September 15, explaining the intramural sport schedule, tournaments–including a student-faculty volleyball tournament–and benefits to students. 

9/14/1969–The St. Mary’s College Cross Country team pleads for new members. A letter from the captain of the team printed in The Point News states: “No matter how slow or how unfit you think you are, we need you! We need your support!” The letter goes on to reference their poor season the previous year, in which they lost every one of their meets, and participation and school spirit for the team were “not commendable.” Despite this plea and promising new recruits, the team did not seem to make much progress in achieving higher standing that year, as in a later meet against University of Maryland, Baltimore County, UMBC had eight out of 10 of the fastest times, soundly defeating St. Mary’s. 

9/28/1982–Sidney Welles, a freshman at St. Mary’s College, was hired as the head athletic trainer, as reported by The Empath, SMCM’s newspaper at the time. Graduating from high school in 1971, Welles began active military duty in the Navy in 1973, and gained expertise in sports medicine. In the unique position as both a student and head athletic trainer, Welles stated that she had “a part time position with a full-time work load.”

9/25/1989–The crew club’s first fall season was discussed in an article entitled “A Taste of Oxford at St. Mary’s” in The Point News. Jennifer Garvey, a junior at the time the article was written, began the club the previous spring, and had gotten the sport off the ground at Woodrow Wilson High School in D.C.  Most members of the club had no rowing experience before joining, but the club showed promise, with 30 new members joining and an erg machine donated to the club that fall. Garvey predicted of the club “I think it’s really going to be successful…it’s a team sport, yet it’s also individualized…it’s good for the college, for the students par­ticipating,

for the students watching, for the community-it’s good for everyone.”

9/28/1999– The Point News reports that over the summer, sailing coach Adam Werblow received the title of Developmental Coach of the Year from the United States Olympic Committee. Sailing since he was eight years old, Werblow took on coaching responsibilities in college when his sailing team was left without strong leadership. This experience led to his desire to coach sailing, and he told The Point News: “I think that by the time I was a senior, I was so dissatisfied with my own college sailing career that I knew there was a better way to do it and I wanted to prove to myself that I’d been right. So, I knew I wanted to coach in college sailing.” He stated several times that he did not think the award would impact his coaching style, making it known that sailing is what matters most to him, not recognition. Today he has been coaching sailing at St. Mary’s for 33 years and is director of the waterfront.

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