The Rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers

Written By: Maggie Bennett

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – NOVEMBER 01: Defensive end Isaiah Buggs #96 of the Pittsburgh Steelers tackles quarterback Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens on fourth down late in the fourth quarterat M&T Bank Stadium on November 01, 2020 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers has gone on for years now. On Nov. 1, the Ravens lost to the Steelers 28-24 in a close game. The game was very competitive as the score continued to go back and forth. It was a race against time and the last couple of seconds of the game the Ravens could have gotten a touchdown, but alas, they did not. 

  This was a heated game as one of the Ravens’ linebackers hit a referee. However, it was a misunderstanding as Matthew Judon was trying to be set free from the Steelers holding him back. According to the Baltimore Sun, “Referee Brad Allen announced that Judon “intentionally” made contact with field judge Rick Patterson, though it appeared to be incidental as Judon was trying to break free from the grasp of a Ravens assistant.” The National Football League (NFL) has fined the Baltimore Ravens team with $35,000 for hitting this referee. 

  It appears a lot went wrong on the sidelines during this game because the Steelers Coach, as the team was fined 250,000 dollars for not wearing masks, while Tomlin received a 100,000 dollar fine for not wearing his face covering. This is a beneficial action taken by the NFL that shows that the NFL is taking the pandemic seriously because they do not want their players, coaches and fans (if they are in the stadium) to contract COVID-19.

  This past Sunday though, the Ravens beat the Indianapolis Colts. They did not play well in the first half of the game, but by the end of half time they were able to make adjustments. The Ravens won against the Colts 24-10. The Pittsburgh Steelers were also in a bit of a nail biter game this past weekend against the Dallas Cowboys. The Steelers were trailing for most of this game, but again they won 24-19. “Head Coach Tomlin was happy about the win, but realistic about the performance”. He claims, “Obviously, we can’t keep having these conversations every week, because one of these weeks, we’re going to be doing it with an L if we’re not careful”. 

 Now for this weekend, the Ravens play against another one of their rivals, the New England Patriots. On the official Baltimore Ravens website, Belichick, the New England Patriots coach, still respects Jackson, the quarterback for the Ravens. Even though it seems like Jackson has lost his edge of being a running quarterback. This upcoming weekend, the Steelers play the Cincinnati Bengals, who have won two games, lost five games, and then one game was a tie.  

Overall, football this year has been exhilarating because of the COVID-19 cases; many teammates have gotten COVID, and yet the NFL continues on with their season. It is a risk the NFL is willing to take, though who knows if it is for the better. 

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