The Race is Over: 2020 Election Results

Written By: Maeve Ballantine

After months of campaigning, debates, and ads for different candidates flooding phones, TVs and radios, the 2020 presidential election has finally come to its conclusion. America now has a new President: Joe Biden.

When Barack Obama completed his second term, most Americans thought they had seen the last of Biden. However, the former vice president announced he was running for office on April 25, 2019. He began campaigning along with the other Democratic candidates, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar. At first it seemed that Senator Sanders would be the candidate to receive the democratic nomination, with his victory in the Iowa Debate, however, Biden began gaining popularity, earning 49% of the popular vote in South Carolina, according to In early March, Buttigieg and Klobuchar both dropped out of the race and publicly endorsed Biden in his campaign. However, the race was stalled with the outbreak of COVID-19 in America. Most if not all of the public rallies had to be cancelled or downsized, which made campaigning itself difficult. However, while the rallies were cancelled, debates were still held. Therefore, Sanders and Biden went head to head on March 15, at an audience free debate. Sanders took this victory, however decided to end his campaign in April. In June, Joe Biden won the democratic party nomination and began his campaign trail against current President Trump

The summer consisted of campaigning and primary voting in different states, showing mixed results. In Delaware, Biden took 90% of the popular vote and 86% in New Jersey, showing a resounding support for the Democratic candidate. In Puerto Rico, however, the vote was a very close 56% victory for Biden. Initial campaigns were not the only course of action taken this summer. There were several debates between Biden and Trump. Results, of course, were mixed as they usually were; however, general consensus, according to a poll done by c-span, showed that Trump took a victory in the first debate. A second debate was scheduled but was ultimately cancelled due to COVID. The final debate, taking place on Oct.22, listed a victory for Biden, according to NBC. Finally, on Nov. 3, it was time to begin voting.

Since voting in person would be dangerous for some people who are immunocompromised or elderly, a good portion of the votes were cast through mail. There were still people who voted in person; however, the voting took much longer than it usually did. The country watched as the number of electoral votes climbed higher for each candidate, wondering who would be the first to reach 270. Finally, on Saturday Nov. 7, Joe Biden surpassed the needed amount of electoral votes, securing the victory for president. However, there are those who believe that there were cases of voter fraud, due to so many  votes being submitted through mail, and due to the fact that it took almost three days for the state of Nevada to submit all the electoral votes, but the answer is concrete. Biden is now the 46th President of the United States.

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