The Point News Alumni – Where Are They Now?

Written By: Kristina Norgard

Every year, students fly away from the nest of St. Mary’s College of Maryland when they have concluded their studies in pursuit of ventures beyond the river. It is always a pleasure to hear from and get updates from the alumni of the College on how they are doing post graduation. The college newspaper, The Point News, is no exception when it comes to bright alumni to be proud of. We have heard from two recent graduates, Dan Belson and Rose Glenn. 

Dan Belson graduated from St. Mary’s in 2019 with a degree in Public Policy and minors in Computer Science, Asian Studies and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Dan was also the H.A.W.K. Radio President from 2018-2019, a Resident Assistant and a Staff Writer and Managing Editor at The Point News. Post-graduation, Dan has moved up and on from writing and editing campus journalism at St. Mary’s to now currently working as a professional journalist. Dan is doing very well covering important topics and issues as Crime and Courts reporter for Southern Maryland News. 

Rose Glenn also graduated from St. Mary’s in 2019 with a B.S. in Math and Economics. In her first year at the College she was a photographer for The Point News and photo editor in her sophomore, junior and senior years. Currently, she lives in New Bedford, MA, and works as an Admissions Counselor at Massachusetts Maritime Academy–which Rose added “sadly doesn’t have a student newspaper.” During quarantine, Rose rescued two cats named Icarus and Nova: “The biggest change in my life during quarantine was my decision to adopt two bonded cats, Icarus and Nova. Unfortunately Icarus passed a month later from an unknown neurological reason, but Nova is thriving.” Rose is also currently pursuing an M.Ed. degree in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies with a sub-concentration in Higher Education Administration at Boston University Wheelock College. Rose noted that she is “working from home, attending my Zoom lectures, and trying to be as safe as possible.” 

The Point News would like to hear more from St. Mary’s alumni whether they are specifically alumni who were on The Point News or not. If you would like to submit an alumni update, please contact our Features Editor, Kristina Norgard at

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