The New Remote Virtual Career Fair

Written By: Maggie Bennett

September 30, marks the first ever Virtual Career Fair hosted by St. Mary’s College of Maryland. The Virtual Career Fair was definitely different than actually meeting with these employers in person. It involved having to plug in your computer, and not receiving any handouts. Instead emails, phone numbers and the companies’ websites were provided.  

 Which means that there were at least some technical difficulties. The system that the school used for the Career Fair had the students talk to employers, which was very complex. This system involved a queue for the students to wait their turn before talking to an employer individually. The times for talking to these employers during the queue was a mess, and therefore the students were confused when trying to enter a meeting. Melissa Golowski, a new member of the Career Development Center, claimed that they tried this system some days before, and that it seemed to work then. Even after they tried to fix the problem, some companies had tabs that were unable to open, for example, the Peace Corps and a company known as KBR. This might be due to the fact that there were too many students.

  There were at least 26 companies who came to talk to the students via Zoom or Google Hangouts. Some of the companies include: SMCM Micro-Internships, The Baynet, the Peace Corps, Navy Engineering Logistics and as well as many more companies. It was a whole mix of different companies, a job for almost every field of interest. A representative for Steny Hoyer was even in the mix of companies. According to Steny Hoyer’s personal website, “He is an American politician and attorney serving as U.S. Representative for Maryland’s 5th congressional district since 1981.” So, it is especially important that he came because he was able to reach out to those interested in governing. There was even a company known as Tekla research which is a service that a disabled veteran owns.

  If a student was interested in an engineering and science company, it was there. The virtual fair had almost everything that a student was interested in. Two companies that were very popular among the students were the Chesapeake Bay Trust Foundation and the SMCM Micro-Internships. 

  SMCM Micro-Internships are actually a part of the career center here at SMCM, headed by Golowski. The Micro-Internships are actually projects a student can do, and they can even get paid for it. These projects can be used for school credit, as well as jobs given by actual employers. SMCM Students can sign up for a Micro-Internship via the career development website. Afterwards, they are brought to a site known as Parker Dewey which lists several projects a student can do for different fields of studies. Sometimes these internships can even be in a group. It is definitely a new and remote job experience.     In the future, hopefully the school will have more success with prior technical testing and virtual platforms.  If you want to learn more about the employers at the career fair or need help finding a job on campus or off, go to the career development center. Which is in Glendenning Hall on campus; nearby the gym. You can also email Melissa Golowski at

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