St. Mary’s College to Offer Winter Term in 2020

Written By: Olivia Sothoron

For the first time in decades, St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) will offer a winter term between the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. The winter term– or “Winterim,” as it is being called–was announced to students in an email from the Office of the Registrar on Sept. 9. The email stated that the Winterim “begins on December 14, 2020, and ends on January 12, 2021; final grades will be submitted by January 15, 2021. Classes can carry up to four credits and will be taught as either three-week or four-week courses.” 

The email also explained that students who enroll in the courses during the Winterim will be charged “the College’s published per-credit rate of $200 per credit.” In addition, some courses which require the use of a laboratory or studio could have an additional fee. For the purposes of Financial Aid, SMCM is counting the Winterim as a part of the Fall 2020 semester. This means that students who decide to take a course during the Winterim period who were considered full-time students in the Fall 2020 semester will not have to pay for an additional fee, and will only be charged $200 per credit. However, students who are considered part-time in the Fall 2020 semester and decide to take courses over the winter term could possibly be considered full-time students in the fall since the winter courses are counted as a part of the fall semester. 

Another email from the Registrar on Sept. 29 announced that registration for Winterim courses will become available on Oct. 19 and will remain open until Dec. 11. The email also stated that since the SMCM Portal is unable to handle registration for both the Winterim period as well as the Spring 2021 semester, registration for the Winterim period will be completed through a Google Form. 

The email on Sept. 29 also released the courses which will be offered during the Winterim period. SMCM faculty have the opportunity to submit proposals for Winterim courses. A list of the courses which have already been approved for the winter term can be found on the SMCM website under the Office of the Registrar and Winter Session. The Winterim period will feature courses in the following disciplines: anthropology, art, art history, astronomy, biology, chemistry, economics, educational studies, English, environmental studies, international languages and cultures, math, philosophy, physical fitness and recreational sport, political science, psychology and theater, film and media studies. The website also features course descriptions so that students can decide whether or not they want to take that specific course. 

The courses offered are not just CORE requirements, but also upper-level electives for specific disciplines. For example, Dr. Indrajit Chaudhury in the SMCM Biology Department is offering BIOL 480, which is Molecular Biology of Human Diseases. The course description states that “in this course students will learn a wide range of human diseases ranging from infectious diseases such as bacterial, viral (including COVID-19) and prion diseases, diseases of immune system, cancer, nervous system diseases, cardiovascular diseases and genetic diseases.” 

For more information on the Winterim period, visit the SMCM website and look under the Office of the Registrar and Winter Session. The Winterim 2020 semester provides an opportunity for SMCM students to get ahead on their credits while taking interesting courses in order to keep themselves busy over their winter break.

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