SMCM COVID-19 Library Changes

Written By: Maggie Bennett

Just like every place else on campus, the Hilda C. Landers library is opening up again, but this time with some changes. The library opened on August 17th for this fall semester, but there were several changes added towards it due to the corona virus (COVID-19). Many rules that we, as students are going to have to follow to stay safe include: 

  • Not moving the chairs on the first, second, and third floor (or any floor for that matter) of the library because they are now six feet apart 
  • There are plexiglass panels installed at the circular tables, so we can follow social distancing  
  • Face masks, just like in any other place on campus, are required in the library as well
  • There are hand sanitizing stations all over the library, and they recommend to wipe down the desks and chairs before and after sitting on them 
  • Students have to make an appointment to reserve one of the rooms also, but they’ve been resorted to being study rooms; so, all students can use them, as long as you keep social distance guidelines. 
  • Food and drinks are allowed in the library as of right now, but if the situations in the library with food and drinks become unhealthy; then they have the right to ban food and drink items. 
  • The public computers and scanners require a special solution, so we cannot clean them 
  • Be wary of tight spaces, like up the staircases and bookstacks of the libraries; we must maintain as best of social distancing as we can when in tight spaces. 
  • There are no longer paperbacked books to take out of the library, because COVID-19 can be transferred through paper (a student has to fill out a form to take out a paper journal, but they have to use this journal only in the building). 

There are so many other rules that a student can brief themselves on with the InsideSMCM email page; these are just a few of them. As time goes on these rules are likely to change, because the campus has changed and will probably continue to change as the semester goes on. 

Life at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) has changed and the library wants to create a safe working environment for all students, but they also want to follow the COVID-19 guidelines. They want to do what’s best for the students here, which is why they created such strict rules. 

The library times have changed as well, they are now mainly open from 8am-10pm every day. An exception to the library being open, is that it will now be closed on Saturdays and it will also close at 7pm on Fridays. 

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