Spring Involvement Fair Aims to Get Students Engaged

The spring Involvement Fair took place on Jan. 24 in the Rec Courts at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Involvement fair is a chance for clubs on campus to showcase themselves to students to gain potential members. 

Junior Janine Benner is the current Club Coordinator at SMCM and serves as the liaison between student clubs and OSA (Office of Student Activities). Benner spoke of the purpose of the Involvement Fair, saying it is a chance to “get the people who aren’t really active on campus a chance to see what is out there.”

Sophomore Gina Fioravante is the vice president of the Sustainability Club and co-president of the Philosophy Club and attended the Involvement Fair to bring attention to both of these clubs. Fioravante joined the Sustainability Club last year because as an Environmental Studies major she cares “a lot about the environment and wanted to promote sustainability on campus,” and became vice president this year after a mostly senior exec board graduated. Fioravante sees the Sustainability Club as a way “to become more sustainable [herself] and hopefully learn from others in the club as well.”

Although Fioravante is a Biology and Environmental Studies double major, she got involved with the Philosophy Club after taking an introductory course last year and joined because she thought it “would be fun to discuss things that weren’t so textbook.” The Philosophy Club holds meetings that discuss various topics, such as the philosophy of the TV series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” the philosophy of art and the philosophy of virtual love.

Fioravante said the spring Involvement Fair is a good place for people who didn’t sign up for a club in the first semester to sign up for the second semester and hopefully get those students involved for the rest of the year.

There are over 80 student clubs on campus and 45 of them registered to attend the Involvement Fair. Benner said clubs on campus are a “chance for people who have the same interests to feel they are accepted” and “for people who aren’t so included for to get a chance to be included” in our campus community.

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