One Love

 Love sometimes brings everyone closer, but unhealthy love can cause destruction in relationships as well.  Just last Sunday, all St. Mary’s athletic teams were required to attend a meeting about abusive relationships . At the event  the students were taught about the signs of an abusive relationship and what we could do to stop these unhealthy relationships. 

There have been  many athletes who have died from abusive relationships surprisingly. It is a very serious matter, which was communicated with students through a series of interactive activities. First, the athletes were given a worksheet about how they felt on abusive love. The worksheet asked questions such as whether or not the student had an adult that they could share what’s going on in their relationships. There are so many student athletes who are getting abusive love from their boyfriends/girlfriends and sometimes even friends; that is why it was only directed toward athletes. 

After the worksheet, students were shown a video on abusive relationships. In the video there was a guy who loved a girl but just wouldn’t leave her alone and he would act rudely to her in response. Her friends noticed this behavior but did not report it and,eventually, the girl was killed by her boyfriend. 

Every year at the event the host plays this video and talks to the athletes about how to recognize abusive relationships. This year, the lacrosse coach was in charge of everything  and arranged for her team and almost all the teams on campus to be there. It was a mandatory event for all sports, though the information provided was relevant for individuals who are not in sports as well. Peers and adults can play a huge role in helping someone who is in an unhealthy relationship if it looks like a friend or student is in an unhealthy relationship. One Love was there to help all athletes and warn them about abusive relationships; it was a very helpful program.

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