Thoughts on the 2020 Election

As the 2020 election draws closer, more people are beginning to anticipate the imminent hailstorm of campaigns, commercials and rallies that come with any election season.

It is fairly safe to say that a decent chunk of the country has had enough of President Trump, and with Trump in the middle of the Impeachment process, he might not have as easy a time running as he did with the last election. While he is ahead in the polls for the Republican party, there are many Democratic candidates that may prove re-election to be a difficult task. As of October 30, the top three candidates in poll results were Joe Biden leading with 27 percent, Elizabeth Warren was close behind with 23 percent and Bernie Sanders trailed both with 14 percent. The real focus seems to be on former Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

 Of course Joe Biden was a favorite when he was Vice President, with his relaxed attitude and support of many progressive policies. However he has found himself in a bit of controversy, due to his involvement in the Trump Ukraine scandal. Yet despite this, Biden is still leading in the polls for Democratic Candidate. Warren, however, is also a favorite among Democrats. Several of her positions are very refreshing after four years of “Build that wall,” and “Send them back.” One of these plans involves increasing taxes on the one percent to pay for roads, bridges and water systems, which would greatly benefit cities like Flint, Michigan which has been without drinking water for about four years now. Warren also has other policies that will make business and sustainability for farmers and small business. She is also firmly against the tougher and more violent immigration laws because, as Warren herself put it, they would “tear apart the fabric that makes us strong and united as a country.” She was also in support of the Affordable Care Act well as The Single-Payer Plan that would make Medicare more accessible to all Americans. In terms of social issues, she is overtly supportive of same sex marriage and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Perhaps the reason people like her so much is because she is very honest and open about her opinions and her policies. After four years of dancing around issues and contradictory statements, having someone who is honest about where she stands is a breath of fresh air. Many of the Democratic Candidates are very open about their opinions. 

On the Republican end of the campaign trail, there is South Carolina Senator Mark Sanford, Illinois 8th District Representative Joe Walsh, and Massachusetts Governor William Weld. While all the candidates have their fair share of controversy and are not exactly ideal, they are certainly better alternatives to Trump. The Democratic candidates are, for certain, much more ideal than our current president. They all seem very capable, experienced, politically correct, and sure of where they stand. However, the Republicans seem to be in the lead by at least six percent in the polls. It will be difficult to tell, but there is still a year left before we vote so only time will tell. Here is hoping we will have a new, more qualified president.

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