AirPod Pros Are A Waste of Money

Apple released a new and updated version of their AirPods on October 30 at the price of $249. Some of their features are: noise cancellation (to block out the voices of poor people around you), transparency mode that lets you hear what is going on in your environment with just a switch of a button (even though taking the earbuds out of your ears for a moment will do the trick), and an improved microphone that combats against the wind (so you can call people during hurricanes). 

“They look like mini hair dryers!” Maeve Ballantine commented on a picture of them. Yes. That is correct. With fit to size rubber cushion for the inside of the ear spurring from an angled head and a skinny stick-like body, they look like a hair styling tool. 

AirPods have become a fashion choice. Walk around a nearby mall and you will see multiple teenagers sporting the wireless earbuds like they are diamond earrings while hanging out with friends. I can assure you that there’s no music playing in them. @Kneeekole on Twitter wonders, “Why do people wear AirPods like earrings? “ I wonder the same thing. 

A friend of mine recalled a young teen stopping in front of a mirror in Target to put her airpods in her ears to take a selfie, then proceeded to take them out to continue with her shopping. We get it. You have money. 

Don’t spend almost $300 on new AirPod pros when you can get true wireless earbuds in a similar style for ten percent of the price. Sharper Image has sleek, wireless earbuds that charge similarly in their case and have a great battery life and admirable sound for around $30. JBuds has a highly rated model of earbuds that come with a charging case (and do not have a wacky stick attached to them that will hang out from your ear like AirPods) for only $49. Blk pods has a design almost identical to the first generation AirPods at only $56.95; they are just tinted black. There are multiple low-cost options in your local TJMaxx or Marshalls. 

With the release of the new AirPod pros, Walmart is selling the first generation of AirPods at the reduced price of $144. This still isn’t a great deal because of the reports of AirPods dying after two or three years. According to The Atlantic, The lithium-ion batteries are not able to be replaced, and will stop working eventually. This generates an abundance of waste, and causes a deep dent in a college student’s bank account, just to obtain a short-lived device that will certainly end up being a fashion fad. 

If you really want a deal on low price earbuds, go to FiveBelow. They have knockoffs that mirror the white features. You may be discouraged by the charging time lasting longer than it’s playback, though. 

Do not give in to the hype of AirPods. They look like they are missing a string, and half the people I know with them have lost at least one of their earbuds or the charging case. It is not worth it. 

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