Aries- You may be struck with the feeling that you are forgetting something important. You are. That essay assigned last week is due tomorrow. Stop putting it off.

Taurus- As summer turns to fall, you may be overcome with feelings of stress and anxiety. Seek out better ways to manage your time and how to tackle your workload.

Gemini- Perhaps you are feeling an overwhelming hunger for opportunities…or it could be that you’re just hungry. Ramen is not a suitable meal. You need real food.

Cancer- As you make your way through the school year, interpreting the dense and difficult readings assigned by your professor may be difficult. Be sure to purchase ample amounts of Advil for the oncoming and inevitable homework headaches.

Leo- You may be overcome with intense feelings of exhaustion…That is because you’ve already pulled three all-nighters. Please get some sleep.

Virgo- You may be facing a strange internal struggle as you talk to somebody and you have no idea what their name is but are too afraid to ask. They are most likely feeling the same about you. Ask and stop this awkwardness.

Libra- A never ending song is always playing in your heart and soul. It’s also stuck in your head. Listen to some classic rock or pop music to combat this annoyance.

Scorpio- Movement and exploration is a part of human nature. That itch you feel for outside is not just a sign that you’ve been sitting in front of your computer for too long. Go outside and breathe the fresh air.

Sagittarius- As midterms approach, you may begin to wonder why you are feeling so overwhelmed. It’s because you’ve forgone studying to watch Netflix. Pick up your work and study.

Capricorn- With all the assignments, essays, and exams, you may be tempted to neglect any personal needs, such as showering or going to therapy. This would be an unwise decision.

Aquarius- With all the daily activities of life, sleeping in or watching YouTube instead of going to classes may be a desirable decision in the moment, but will only bring more stress in the long run.

Pisces- You may wish to do something else instead of tending to that pile of laundry in the corner, but that would not be a good idea. The laundry room is just over there. Get to it.

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