“Big Mouth” Returns to Netflix for a Hilarious Third Season

Netflix’s Third Season of “Big Mouth” is the best of them all, returning to the small screen with endless mature humor. Creators Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flacket and Mark Levin have seemingly endless content to to pack the cartoon series with. This show is nostalgic, bringing its viewers back to the days of middle school and puberty. The show is wackier than it has ever been with a joke in almost every line said. 

The plot follows a group of tweens in seventh grade as they come to terms with their changing bodies, hormones and sexual attractions. Each character has mystical creatures such as Hormone Monsters, Shame Wizards and Depression Kitties that influence their thoughts and behaviors. This season centers on the subjects of toxic masculinity, cell phone use and sexuality among others. 

The main character Nick develops an uncomfortably sensual relationship with his new talking smartphone. Ignoring his friends and family to have more time for his phone, “Big Mouth” creatively critiques modern society’s dependence on technology. 

The character Andrew keeps making mistakes. At the end of season two he angrily pushed a student out of his wheelchair at a party, claiming he did not need it and that he could actually walk. Of course, he was wrong. His crush on Missy, a frazzled bookworm, has not faded, despite her blatant disinterest in him. Feeling lost and confused, he confides in a stranger from online that tells him to come to a meeting. When he and Maury, Andrew’s hormone monster, arrive at the meeting, they nervously realize that he is actually at a Neo-Nazi gathering. As if his life could not be any more despicable, during a trip to Florida with Nick he falls in love with his cousin. 

In another episode, Jay, a sexually-charged amateur magician, gets left behind by his family when they go on vacation. Fortunately for him, Nick’s caring parents take the young boy to live with them, showing him care and getting him properly medicated for his ADHD. Which eventually falls through, because he sells his medication to his fellow students as they take a standardized test. Missy and Jay become friends as Jay becomes more confident in his bisexuality. The unlikely pair write a smut-filled story together, which ignites a sexual revolution in Missy. 

The star studded cast enhances the show as a whole. Maya Roudolph shines as Connie, the female hormone monster. As a mentor to Nick, Jessi and Missy, Connie encourages them to explore their sexual feelings. Nick Kroll features multiple characters in addition to the leading man Nick such as Lola, an emotional tween, the Jansen Twins, sisters from Europe, and Maury the Hormone Monster, among many others.

There was some controversy surrounding one particular scene from season three. Ali Wong, actress and comedian, is featured as a new pansexual student. The way her character defines pansexuality as being less binary than bisexuality caused uproar on Twitter. Despite this, her character inspires Jay to come out to the whole school. 

Fortunately, “Big Mouth” has been renewed by Netflix for at least three more seasons. Hopefully in around a year there will be more laughter inducing episodes for viewers to consume.

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