World Carnival Returns to SMCM

From April 19 to April 20, St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) held the Twenty-fifth annual world carnival for students, faculty and all visitors to the campus. Featuring live bands, tie dye, student performances, dances and food trucks, the carnival provided a weekend of entertainment for all ages.

Starting Friday, students met in Montgomery Hall where cotton candy and popcorn greeted students as they made their way into the auditorium only for the fashion club to put on a show. The SMCM improv team hit the stage with hilarious antics and comedy to start the weekend off right. Following them, the Drum Corps raised the energy in the building to get everybody cheering.

Solo performance from Tyler Wilson (‘22) on the saxophone and Isaac Ekobo (‘21) on the drums played a mashup of hit songs like “A Thousand Years,” “Hey Jude” and Alan Walker’s “Faded.” Wilson remarks he “Had rehearsed ‘A Thousand Years’ a number of times in the weeks leading up to the performance, but (we) thought of playing ‘Faded’ just the night before the show. In fact, we were still working out the kinks in faded ten minutes before the performance.”

Ekobo adds, “When I started playing drums [3 years ago] I was practicing more than 4 times a day and sometimes I would wake up at 6 a.m. to practice drums. And people tend to forget that the only way to do something great is to not be afraid of failure or being wrong.”

TNA hit the stage to perform “Girl,” by Maren Morris and “All My Loving,” by the Beatles and lastly “In My Way,” by MUNA. Marina Glennon (‘19), president of TNA remarks on their performance, “As far as prep time goes, as soon as we decided to perform, we dedicated parts of every rehearsal to making sure we were ready for this performance! This was my first time performing at World Carnival with TNA, so it was a really cool experience, and I’m glad I got to do it before I graduate.” Laura Dennison (‘21) remarks, “The Hawkettes practice twice a week from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. throughout the year, the carnival was so much fun, I loved seeing the different club’s performances and seeing how much talent SMCM has!”

An up and rising band, “Cul de Sac Kids,” performed at the event. Coming to SMCM from Dallas, they are made up of grammy nominee Collin Hauser and “The Voice” finalist Stevie Jo Rosenbalm. By blending folk, blues, jazz and pop, Hauser was nominated for two Grammy awards. Students gathered together to dance and sing along to the festive atmosphere.

The world carnival will return next year for its twenty-sixth year.

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