Top 10 Hallway Smells at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, The National Public Honors College


  • Someone made cookies! You probably won’t get one but the smell is the next best thing.
  1. Dryer sheets
  • Strangely comforting.
  1. Axe body spray
  • Overpowering but masculine with a hint of chauvinism.
  1. Fear
  • Most powerful during finals.
  1. Pee (masked by Febreze)
  • Disappointing, but at least they tried.
  1. Incense? Maybe sage?
  • Something herbal but unidentifiable, strongest in the woods and Dorchester hall.
  1. Black Mold
  • Deadly yet delightful.
  1. Pee
  • Plain old natural urine.
  1. Feet
  • Everybody has them, but not everyone’s smell this pungent.
  1. Fish
  • Everyone knows not to microwave fish in a shared microwave!

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