OutsideSMCM For Students: April 1, 2019

Outside SMCM  just revealed for the 67,364,234 time this past hour the latest breaking news happening outside of our very own St. Mary’s College of Maryland.


Annual Chicken wing festival:

On Saturday April 6, from 11 to 7, the Anne Arundel county fairgrounds is happy to present its annual Maryland chicken wing festival! Come out and taste a splendor of wide variability of all chicken wings. Bring your sauce. Bring your favorite sauce. Bring your mom’s sauce, and come out for a dipping!

Duct Tape Festival:

From June 13-15, Avon, Ohio will be hosting the 16th annual duct tape festival at veterans memorial park. The event features all crafts, merchandise, clothing, accessories from our very own duct tape.

UFO festival:

July 5, 2019. Join the UFO capital of the world in Roswell New mexico for the annual celebration of life outside our galaxy.

Guest Speakers:

Jesus explains why he deserves credit from the birkenstock company, as he started the trend since his jerusalem cruisers were the first in fashion.

Location: Jerusalem

Bad luck Brian reveals how he got lucky and won $3.21 from the county lottery

Dwight Schrute gives an economic talk on the policies of beets. Which season is the best and starting small business.

Kim Kardashian talks time management over excruciatingly busy lifestyle, owning business, raising kids and also raising Kanye.


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