Messick Plans “State of the Student Body” Address

At the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting on Tuesday, April 9, President Andrew Messick announced plans for a “State of the Student Body” address, to be held on Thursday, April 25 in the Auerbach Auditorium.

The address, the first of its kind at St. Mary’s, will focus on the progress the student body has made since the beginning of the academic year, and will highlight important SGA legislation that has passed throughout the year.

The address will also be used to introduce the incoming SGA Executive Board, headed by President-elect Rebecca Malaga and Vice President-elect Roselyanne Cepero-Santos. The new administration will discuss its own goals for the coming academic year.

All students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend the event. “We want to make sure that we can show what we’ve done to everyone and how it’s worked to help St. Mary’s,” said Messick.

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