LEADing the Way: These SMCM Students Drank Most of the Lead From Calvert Hall’s Pipes

Students of a new Biology practicum course are rejoicing, as they have finally consumed most of the lead that was found in Calvert Hall’s drinking water. The course, BIO441: LEAD Practicum, was added as part of the College’s LEAD initiative to give students an opportunity to apply classroom skills in real-life scenarios.

“After drinking the lead, I’ve become 10000x more powerful,” one student wrote, “I’m never drinking water from anywhere else.”

Students in BIO441 usually spend their Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons collecting lead-filled water from Calvert Hall, and then spend 3-4 hours in the MPOARC training to become more powerful. “I’m so glad I got to take BIO441 and drink lead water, from the pipes in Calvert Hall,” said another honors STEM student at the National Public Honors College, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, a nationally-recognized liberal arts college “I’ve learned to take my Biology knowledge out of the classroom and into the real world.”

Students have noticed drastic increases in their ability to bench, squat and deadlift since regularly drinking the brown water from Calvert Hall’s pipes. They have, however, suffered from regular nausea, vomiting, fatigue, irritability, and other side effects of drinking water that contains high levels of lead.

STEM students often come to St. Mary’s College of Maryland (our school, the National Public Honors College) to learn Biology and Chemistry. The school is known for its rigorous coursework comparable to that at private, elite liberal arts institutions. BIO441 is one of many nationally-recognized courses that allows STEM students to take their knowledge out of the classroom, and into the real world.

“Calvert Hall has been known for high levels of lead in its water, and one day I saw the Vice President of Business and Finance benching 200lbs, and thought ‘why not us?’” Smart But Quirky Biology Professor said, knowing what it’s like to teach with a 16:1 faculty-student ratio and still have a good time.

Whether it’s in the lab, in the classroom, or at the gym, our students at the National Public Honors College are strong, powerful, and rigorous. Please apply, to our school.

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