Amy Schumer Performs Netflix Comedy Special, “Growing”

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On March 19, Netflix revealed its new special, “Growing,” featuring actress and comedian Amy Schumer in her fourth stand up comedy special. Schumer reveals in “Growing” her hilarious take on marriage, pregnancy and personal growth. To begin, Schumer immediately compares herself to Meghan Markle, who is pregnant and expected to deliver at the same time. However, unlike Duchess Meghan, Schumer is not prancing around in heels and mini skirts. Schumer then continues to talk about how most celebrities hear “bump” rumors early in the pregnancy, but not with her. She was well into her second trimester and no one said anything. “Is she showing?” Schumer jokes. “They were like, ‘Not more than normal. Just looks like she took her Spanx off.’ She points out how although not “Hollywood” thin, she was just as pregnant as the other thin celebrities.

It would not be an Amy Schumer comedy without vulgar sex jokes and intimate marriage secrets. After her marriage to Sous Chef Chris Fisher back in 2018, the couple is now expecting their first child.   However, this special shows a new side to Schumer, as the pregnant comedian takes stand in front of a live Chicago audience, displaying her belly and confidence for everyone to see. She even lifted up her dress at one point to show the two bandaids covering her belly button to prevent it from poking through her dress.

Netflix released the trailer, teasing some of the topics Schumer tackles in her special, most notably her marriage and pregnancy. Schumer does not shy away from discussing her pregnancy complications, which recently forced her to cancel her comedy tour due to a condition she suffers from known as “hyperemesis.” Hyperemesis is a condition in which severe nausea and vomiting occur. Schumer states “If you’ve ever had food poisoning, it’s that. I’ve had that every day for 5 months.” She then continues her banter “If you had a good pregnancy, like if you’re someone who enjoyed being pregnant, I just hope your car flips over,” she jokes.

Of course, many internet trolls have harassed Schumer for her crude jokes and feminist perspectives. She has not had a special air on netflix in a few years, hence the title of her new special, “Growing,” indicating that she has grown since her last special. Although she has toned back some of her jokes and stayed away from politics, the star continues to stick to herself and keeps her same sense of humor.

After launching “The Leather Special,” on Netflix in 2017, Schumer has starred in various noteworthy films including, “I Feel Pretty,” as well as “Trainwreck.” In both films, Schumer’s exuberant personality is portrayed in her down-to-earth, relatable daily life and hilarious antics.

For anyone searching for an amusing special to watch, “Growing,” will definitely leave you laughing from the start and have you entertained, waiting for her next special to air. Only this time she will be a proud mom.

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