SGA to hold Presidential Elections

The Student Government Association (SGA) is preparing to hold elections for next year’s SGA Executive Board. Currently, two candidates are running for the presidency, Townhouse Sen. Rebecca Malaga and Lewis Quad Sen. Joseph Perriello.


Malaga, a junior, has served in SGA since her sophomore year; as a WC Senator and Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) Ambassador. As the CSD ambassador, Malaga was an ad-hoc member of the SGA, which “was super valuable because I feel like we often forget how ad-hoc members are also very important to the SGA, especially in rebuilding our relationship with the administration.” Malaga is running with Commuter Senator Roselyanne Cepero Santos as her vice president.


Malaga’s platform focuses on increasing accountability and transparency within the SGA. Malaga stated that she “just wants to make sure that the Senate is acting in the interests of their constituents.” “It’s really easy to go in and vote the way you want to, but you really have to consider the bigger picture and how legislation or a bill with affect everyone,” Malaga explained.


Perriello, a sophomore, served as Class of 2021 President last academic year, and is currently a senator for LQ. Perriello served on the Constitutional Review Committee last academic year, and currently serves as the Chair for the Policy Review Committee and on the College’s Alcohol Task Force. “Serving in these roles has exposed me to a large variety of issues and taught me a lot about how the SGA and the College in general operates,” said Perriello. Perriello has chosen Anna Pence, PG Senator, as his running mate.


Perriello’s platform includes organizing tailgates before major athletic events, including food, music and games. “A lot of students has said there is somewhat of a divide between students who are varsity athletes and students that are not,” Perriello explained, “we feel this would be a great way to boost attendance at sporting events and help the campus rally around our teams.”


Perriello’s platform also states that the pair will “work to bring a major musical act to campus,” in order to boost morale and to showcase student musicians. “Anna and I understand that this would be a major logistical undertaking,” said Perriello, “however at the end of the day, if it’s something the students want we will work hard to try and make it a reality.”


Both candidates noted that the biggest issue on campus is the perceived disconnect between campus institutions, such as SGA and administration, and students. “I think this comes first with SGA reaching out to different administrators and departments on campus like PS and the Wellness Center in order to see some partnership,” Malaga noted. Malaga also plans on starting a committee to connect students with administration.


Perriello explained that “[students] feel their voice isn’t heard and their voices don’t matter and we want to change that. We want people to know the SGA is here for them and will support them.” In order to narrow the gap, “one of our solutions is that Anna [Pence] and I will meet with every club, sports team and student organization one on one at least once a year,” said Perriello.


Candidates will present their platforms at the SGA meeting on Tuesday, March 19. Executive Board elections will be sent out via email, and will take place from Tuesday until Saturday, March 23.

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