“Dating Around” Brings Reality Romance To the Streaming Screen

Have you ever been on a blind date? How about 5 blind dates in one night? This is the concept of Netflix’s new reality television show “Dating Around.” The series premiered on Feb. 14, providing Netflix’s subscribers with six episodes of romance-filled content.

The series begins with an eligible bachelor named Luke. He is an attractive guy in his mid-20’s working in real estate and looking to settle down with a girlfriend. The dates lasts for two to three parts, depending on how well the date goes throughout the night. The pair grabs drinks by the bar, then moves on to ordering dinner at a table. If they really like each other, they may leave the restaurant and go to a lounge to grab another drink. Between these parts, the couples get to know each other deeply from discussing their past relationships to their eating habits. If they’re lucky, they might spend time cuddling and even share their first kisses. After all of the dates, the star of the specific episode gets to choose one person that they felt the most compatible with to go on a second romantic outing. There is a new set of dates for a new person each episode.

The feasibility of these dates seems sketchy. The audience is lead to believe that the star of each episode goes on full length dates with each of the participants in the same night. Each of the dates takes place in the same restaurant and lounge. So either Luke wore the same outfit a few days in a row, or he had a busy day. One of Luke’s dates ran late, skipping the first part of the date in which they engage in small talk and share a drink. Who would actually run late to a videotaped blind date? Would someone actually miss out at being on a Netflix original series in real life? Then she left early and pretty much rejected him.

The editing proved to be misleading as the audience was lead to believe that one date was out-winning the others by a long shot, when it turned out not to be so. One woman was framed to be an oversharing, quirky person as she proposed a toast by saying, “Here’s to the first blind date of my life…Hope you’re not a serial killer.” It was more frustrating than endearing as a viewer to discover at the end that Luke picked the somewhat goofy girl to go on a second date instead of the Colombian woman that seemed to have a true connection with him.

So, if you have nothing better to do, “Dating Around” is an okay way to kill time. It is the perfect show to watch while also playing games or browsing the net on your phone. But, it isn’t interesting enough to fully captivate the audience for a night of binge watching. Netflix hasn’t announced a release date for a second season, but there has been a desire for more episodes shown on social media.

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