“Big Mouth” Releases Valentine’s Special Prior to Season Three Premiere

Following the release of season two of “Big Mouth” in October, the Netflix series premiered a Valentine’s Day themed special entitled “My Furry Valentine” on Feb. 8.

The 45-minute animated special (twice as long as a normal episode) leaves off where season two ends, highlighting the pubescent adventures of main character Nick (Nick Kroll) and his middle-school-aged pals. Nick gets accustomed to having a female hormone monster, contrary to most other boys that have male hormone monsters who guide them through puberty.

The episode features a comedic musical number that highlights the exploitative nature of Valentine’s Day. The cast sings about the unnecessary, expensive nature of the holiday and the unrealistic expectations and pressures that go along with it. Through the jokes, the show touches on real issues on the negative emotions that can result from being alone on Valentine’s Day and feeling left out in middle school, especially for gay and bisexual students. The show pokes fun at the holiday as a headline on the Bridgeton Middle School’s news show is  “Breaking News: Love is an Illusion.”

The holiday special covers the love lives of each main character. Nick struggles with his parents outspoken ease on the topic of sexuality, along with his newfound emotional sensitivity. Andrew (John Mulaney) goes above and beyond, struggling to reignite his back-and-forth relationship with Missy (Jenny Slate). The wacky characters of Coach Steve and Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) have romantic nights with their inanimate objects of choice; Steve falling in love with an automated talking heart and Jay with a female pillow and a male couch cushion (representing bisexualtity in an eccentric way).

After the characters all have eventful and emotionally fluctuating nights, Connie the hormone monster reflects on the struggles of the romantic holiday. With another jab at the detrimental nature of the holiday, the ghost of Duke Ellington (Jordan Peele) assures her “Love is a sad business Connie. But it sure is profitable!” “Big Mouth” shows that friendships can be just as beneficial and chemistry-filled as romantic relationships, and that no one deserves to feel alone.

Overall, the star studded comedic special is a great addition to the “Big Mouth” series. It never fails to provide relatable content along with hilariously cringe-worthy moments. Nick Kroll voices an array of characters from the main character Nick and the awkward former gym teacher Coach Steve, to the loud-mouthed ladybug that shows up every so often. Overall, Nick Kroll does the voices for 25 major and minor characters on the show.

It is incredible that the large cast of well-known entertainers such as famous actress Maya Rudolph and accomplished comedian Mulaney have come together to create this highly entertaining and critic-pleasing content. The ending leaves the audience wanting to watch more.

“Big Mouth” has been confirmed for a third season to release in 2019. “Inverse” speculates that a trailer will be released in late August, and the season will fully release in either September or October. If you want more updates, follow @BigMouth on Twitter and @BigMouthNextflix on Instagram.

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