Kavanaugh, Ford and the Partisan War Over the Supreme Court Seat

Now battling multiple accusations of sexual assault, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is facing calls to withdraw. With new allegations, Brett Kavanaugh’s road to the Supreme court has become more complicated. The senate committee — and the public — heard emotional and contradicting accounts from the judge and Christine Blasey Ford, one of the women who have accused him of sexually assault. Judge Kavanaugh, who adamantly denied the claims, at times crafted responses that were misleading, disputed or off point, the New York Times’ fact-check found.

Despite a strong sentiment from many prominent Trump supporters that Ford’s story was simply a stall tactic and a falsehood, a collection of GOP senators have presented Ford with the opportunity to testify at Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. Although she was originally granted until 10 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 21 in which to make a decision surrounding her testimony, Ford was later given an extension of Saturday, Sept. 22. After being granted several additional requests, Ford eventually agreed to testify in front of the committee on Sept. 27, 2018. Although concrete details about the alleged incident have not been released to the public.

Multiple sources have confirmed that the accusation dates back to the early 1980s, when both Kavanaugh and Ford were in high school. Kavanaugh attended Georgetown Preparatory School whereas Ford attended Holton-Arms Preparatory School. Both schools are in Bethesda, Md. Ford alleges that at a party, when Ford was fifteen, then seventeen-year-old Kavanaugh tried to force himself on her, covering her mouth as she tried to scream. Although she escaped and never reported the supposed incident, she claims to remember the experience vividly. Many close friends of Ford, including her psychiatrist, corroborate hearing this story from Ford over the past thirty years. However, none remember specifically hearing Kavanaugh’s name until recently.

Kavanaugh, for his part, claims to have no memory of the incident, alleging to not even know the name of his accuser until it was released. President Trump and other high ranking members of the GOP have also stated their support in defense of Kavanaugh. In fact, with midterm elections pending and the possibility of a partisan turn in the Senate, the president has taken to Twitter to urge the senate judiciary committee and eventual senate body to take the vote on Kavanaugh, regardless of a testimony by Ford. More recently, a second allegation against Judge Kavanagh came from Deborah Ramirez, a classmate of his at Yale University. Although less extreme than the story from Ford, Ramirez’s story is again extremely condemning for a possible member of the nation’s highest court.

Dating back to 1983, Ramirez alleges that, while heavily intoxicated, Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a college party. Despite people questioning her memory due to she her self being under the influence, Ramirez told the New Yorker she could “still see his face” and was certain the perpetrator was Kavanaugh. She has been contacted by the FBI, her attorney told USA TODAY.The FBI investigation, ordered by President Donald Trump Friday, was conducted after Sen. Jeff Flake, (R-AZ) said he would only confirm Kavanaugh if the investigation was done. He was the key deciding vote for Republicans. The FBI was given a week to re-examine Kavanaugh’s background and investigate the various claims, but even with the short amount of time, former FBI officials said agents could reach a quick resolution. “They could knock this thing out in a couple of days,” said Jim Davis, a former agent who participated in at least 50 such background inquiries.

Once again, President Trump and prominent members of the GOP have called this allegation nothing more than a “smear campaign” by democrats in order to get his nomination withdrawn by the president. Senator Lindsey Graham (D-SC) angrily calling it “the most unethical sham” he has seen since the start of his political career. Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to Mr. Trump, revealed in an interview with CNN that she was a victim of sexual assault and suggested that victims should directly hold their assailants responsible, calling the hearing “partisan politics.” Democrats applauded Dr. Blasey’s courage and said that her appearance before the committee increased her credibility.

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