Seahawks Over the Summer

While our Seahawks were happy to return home to St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) this August, many of our Hawks journeyed far away during summer break, engaging in internships, study tours, personal travels and more. Summer is a great time for students to take a breather and develop their personal and professional lives outside the classroom.

Becca Crosby ‘19, went on the College’s Andean Study Tour to Peru, which not only satisfies the Experiencing the Liberal Arts in the World (ELAW) requirement, but also gives course credit in History, Art History, Latin American Studies and Environmental Studies. The Andean Study Tour program included three class sessions during the Spring 2018 semester, and two weeks on a tour of sites across Peru in May.

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done, it was like the cliche ‘life-changing’ experience,” Crosby told TPN, “I really found a love for hiking, and we just had a lot of great people, we all got really close.”

Crosby told TPN that the best part of the trip was when the group hiked a mountain behind Machu Picchu. “It was a 5:00 in the morning hike, so that was miserable, but it was the prettiest hike I’ve ever been on… and then we got to go to a llama farm and feed llamas.”

Other study tours this summer included the Himalayan Sacred River Study Tour across India, lead by Dr. Daniel Meckel, associate professor of religious studies, as well as the Thailand Study Tour, lead by Dr. John Schroeder, professor of philosophy. Study tours are arranged by the SMCM Office of International Education (IE), and take place over school breaks.

Back in the States, Jenna Gregory ‘19 participated in an internship as an Archival Assistant at the GLBT History Museum and Archives in San Francisco, California. “I worked under a amazing woman named Elisabeth Cornu, she had been working as the head Art Conservator for the de Young Museum for about 30 years and volunteered for the GLBT History museum. She was just this amazing woman who taught me everything about art, it was an incredible learning opportunity.”

Beyond the internship, Gregory told us she “spent a lot of time in the Castro [a prominent LGBT neighborhood in San Francisco], and did all of the typical San Francisco tourist stuff, but that gets old after a while.” Gregory’s favorite experience was working at the annual Up Your Alley fair, a gay BDSM event on Folsom Street, where many of the historic leather bars of San Francisco have found their home.  “That was one of my favorite experiences. It goes along with my independent study, where I’m writing about how the practices of BDSM are empowering to queer identity.”

For more information on study tours, visit the Office of International Education in the Glendening Annex. Summer internships and Winter microinternships are arranged through departments and the Career Center, located in Glendenning Hall 210.

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