Nineties Teenage Comedy “Everything Sucks!” Premieres on Netflix

Cast of Everything Sucks, Screenshot from YouTube interview.

Season one of “Everything Sucks!” premiered on the streaming website Netflix on Feb. 16. The comedic series includes a budding romance between two teenagers, Luke and Kate, and their filmmaking adventures.

The series takes place in the small Midwestern town of Boring, Ohio. So naturally, Luke and his friends try to find something to brighten up their lives and pursue their interests by joining Boring High School’s audiovisual club. Luke develops a crush on Kate, and their relationship goes through twists and turns as Kate acknowledges her attraction to girls and Luke deals with the unprocessed emotions of his abandonment by his father.

An important aspect of “Everything Sucks!” is that the cast includes age-appropriate actors for the characters. Co-stars Jahi Winston and Peyton Kennedy are both 14, which is fitting for their freshman and sophomore roles in the series. Young teens that look at superstars in their twenties with perfect skin and bodies playing 16 year olds on television and in movies isn’t realistic. It can be beneficial to be able to have someone to relate to in the media to relate to as adolescents grow up.

Additionally, the main protagonist is a black individual. Unfortunately, few shows have minority leads, especially those catered towards teens. Luckily, shows like “Grownish” on Freeform Network and “Everything Sucks!” have emerged recently to combat this. The fact that this show utilizes a black male and an individual questioning her sexuality as co-stars is a great feat.

The show utilizes young teens and their battles with discovering their identities. While it covers the clichés of Luke’s dad abandoning his family and Kate’s mother committing suicide when she was young, it ventures into the uncommon waters of engaging in interracial relationships. Although it is more common today than in the ‘90s, interracial relationships are still considered unsettling by some. “Everything Sucks!” is doing the important job of having representation in the media in order to normalize these types of relationships and homosexuality.

This playful comedy this is a perfect show to watch on a dreary day. It is easy to invest in the characters and the plot. Although the first season stands well on its own, I would definitely enjoy a second season.

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