SMCM Sex Week Comes to a Satisfying Climax

Students make bath-bombs at a Sex Week event. Photo courtesy of Peer Health Educators.

During Valentine’s Day week, students had the opportunity to learn about and optimize pleasure in anatomy & pleasure workshops. Students had the opportunity to win prizes in sex trivia and receive advice and perspectives from experts on the topics of sex and sexuality. The program made sure to address the diverse issues faced by different sexualities, creating a safe and open space for all.

The events, organized by Peer Health Educators (PHEs) and the Wellness Center, aim to educate students on how to have better and safer sexual experiences, regardless of sexual orientation. This school-sponsored event, which runs under the clear-cut name of Sex Week, has been occurring annually at St. Mary’s College of Maryland for years.

The idea for a program like this originally came from Yale in an effort to even the playing field for students in terms of sex education. The depth and validity of sex education varies state by state, and many school, state and federal laws do not require that crucial information including contraceptive methods, sexual orientation and consent be included. According to the Guttmacher Institute, only 13 of all 50 states require that sex education be medically accurate. Because of these discrepancies, many colleges have taken it upon themselves to provide the most education possible for those who are eager to learn more or feel that primary education has left them with questions about real-life sexual encounters.

When The Point News spoke with some of the PHEs about how Sex Week came to be, director Emily Lamoreau said “A lot of times sex ed [sic] in high school is really not that thorough, and people come here and relationships and such happen and they’re making decisions with no information”.

The program is an important continuation of the Diversity EDU and Title IX training programs new students participate in and is another stepping stone in changing the role of sex in campus culture.

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