Hallowgreens Do’s and Don’ts

Hallowgreens is an annual unofficial St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) holiday. It celebrates Halloween. Most students who choose to participate dress-up in costume, and some do not. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, the Student Government Association (SGA) usually produces a list of “do’s and don’ts.” With permission from this year’s SGA, The Point News is publishing this year’s list online.

Courtesy of the SMCM SGA and Elizabeth Allnut, here are this year’s “Hallowgreens Do’s and Don’ts.”

This weekend please do:

Dress warmly and be festive!

Be responsible for your guests and make sure they have their guest passes[.]

Make sure that your phone is fully charged and with you[.]

Look out for your friends and stay with them[.]

Throw away your trash and recycling properly[.]

Respect PS, RA’s and staff[.]

Get water and snacks[.]

Shine your phone flashlight if you need help[.]

Look out for others! IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING, remember bystander intervention!

Ask a NIGHTHAWK to walk you home!

Please do not:

Bring open containers outside[.]

Walk home alone[.]

Run away from RA’s, PS and staff if they stop you[.]


Take a drink from [an] unknown source[.]

Stand on the townhouse porticos[.]

Be disrespectful to other students and guests[.]

Leave your house unlocked and unattended[.]

If you have any questions contact:

Whittni Pickens, SGA President (wapickens@smcm.edu)

Evan Lesser, 2018 President (eplesser@smcm.edu)

Sharon Phillips, Student Trustee (stphillips@smcm.edu)

Lookout for The Point News‘s costume photo feature in the next print edition.

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