The Four Best Places On Campus to Spot a Dog

St. Mary’s College of Maryland is renowned for its beautiful outdoor environment.  On nice days, students will often encounter a visiting family or a local on a walk with their favorite pet through campus, allowing said students the unique opportunity to witness something both joyful and fluffy, and perhaps even the opportunity to pet it.  Here are the best spots to hang out at in order to increase your chances of spotting such a majestic creature.  

  1. Roofs.  While it’s true that most dogs lack the limb flexibility to ascend a ladder, that is of no circumstance.  Elevated places are generally well-regarded for their ability to allow individuals a wide range of vision.  Consider this: if you are standing on the ground, there may be a dog on the other side of the hill that you’re unaware of, but if you’re up on Monty’s Roof, you just might catch a glimpse!  (Note: The Point News does not condone trespassing on staff only areas of school property, so you heard it from a friend).    
  1. Computer Labs. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but pets throughout history have generally not been permitted inside academic buildings.  But dry your tears, for now there is a neat workaround!  Most of these buildings contain computers, and these devices are fit with an internet connection that can help you.  Doug Walker, sophomore, describes the process: “I just typed ‘dog’ into the search bar, and bam! There’s a whole row of canines for me to admire.”  Try it yourself next time you find yourself stuck indoors.  
  1. An empty athletic field at night.  Most people who walk dogs do so during the day, but what if it is night, the labs are closed, and you want to see a dog?  Well, ask the Heavens and ye shall find.  If you get away from the lights of civilization, wear some expensive jewelry, and fix your attention to the southern celestial hemisphere, you might see the constellation Canis Major.  “It was to be such a noble and mesmerizing dog,” said Anima Traner, freshman, “that I didn’t even notice my jewelry had disappeared.”  
  1. An animal shelter.  I know what you must be thinking – wait, the local animal shelter isn’t on campus!  However, wouldn’t it be convenient if it was on campus? Well, you and your friends can get together, raise some funds, and offer to buy the property from the county and annex it for the college!  I reached out to the Commissioner of Pet and Property Affairs for just this purpose and this was the response: “That lot is not up for sale.”  If you encounter this problem, have no fear, for, you guessed it, there’s a solution: offer more money!  The corruption of greed is bound to kick in eventually, and the ends justify the means in your quest to have the image of a dog implanted in your visual cortex.  

Best of luck!

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