Why You Should Visit Historic St. Mary’s City

You would think that having a historic site right across the street from campus would encourage St. Mary’s students to frequent the city. Surprisingly, HSMC doesn’t get many college students. So this article is going to highlight some of the events HSMC hosts, and hopefully you’ll realize how cool our neighbors really are.


Last weekend HSMC hosted the Haunted Ship where families came to get their faces painted, create several different crafts and were able to go aboard The Dove. Everyone was encouraged to dress up in their best Halloween costumes and bring a bucket for candy. This event drew in over 700 people and was the biggest event of the year for Historic St. Mary’s.

This past Saturday was a great day filled with events that catered to interests across a broad range of topics. Throughout the day was Saturdays in the City, where there were all kinds of demonstrations and lessons. The day started off an explanation of how the Natives in this area created clothes from deerskin (fun fact: brains were a major ingredient).

After that was a demonstration of a working printing press. This press was used for mostly boring stuff, like important government documents.

Then the most exciting part had to be when they shot a cannon from The Dove. Before that happened though, we all took a tour of the ship and got a history lesson on merchant ships in general, which The Dove was, and how they would use their cannons (not for attacking).

The last out of the four big events was down at the plantation. There we were given a tour and along the way learned about some superstitions from the era and how to ward off witches. Also, if you ever want to make your apples trees give fruit, then make sure you put some bread soaked in cider on the tree then bang some pots and pans together.

Later that night was the Second Annual Lady Baltimore Ball, a benefit event to raise money for the museum’s research and education programs. This event is great for adults who want to dress up in costumes and go to a fancy party with fancy food. There was a DJ playing all of the hits, and party favors given out to each guest. img_9735-1 img_9755-1

Overall, Historic St. Mary’s has a wide variety of events for everyone, ranging from family friendly, to adults only. Of course every event is sprinkled with history, but that’s what make it so great. They make learning fun and interactive, and you’ll always leave with a new bit of knowledge. So make sure you come to visit, whether it be a spontaneous trip, or for a planned event. I guarantee this place will have something for you.

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  1. Thank you for a terrific article about our site. We are always glad to see students from the college visiting the museum. We also have a number of volunteer and intern positions students can apply for to gain experience in the Museum world. Without wanting to sound like a jerk though, one thing we do ask is that students remember that we ARE a museum and not a playground, nor are we part of the College. If a student visits during our open hours (10-4 Tues-Sat from March through mid June and from mid-Sept. to the end of November, 10-4 Wednesday-Sunday from mid-June to mid September), they need to check in at the shop or visitor’s center and get an admission sticker-there’s no charge, just show your student ID. Dress appropriately (no bikinis or speedos) and please don’t go swimming in Daffodil Gulch. Museum grounds are open until dusk. After sundown if you are found on the grounds it will be considered trespassing-which, as they say on the British cop shows, is a chargeable offense. While it might seem harmless to swim out to the Maryland Dove and try to get aboard, there are any number of ways you could get hurt or even killed-something we’d much prefer to avoid. Also we have security cameras in operation . . .
    We like having the college as a neighbor and we encourage students to make use of of the museum, but we also have a great many regular visitors and we want them to have a great experience as well. So please, when you cross the street to the museum be respectful of their right to enjoy their visit as much as you enjoy yours.

    Thanks again to Rose Glenn for a great article on Historic St. Mary’s City

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