Ten Things You Wish Your Roommate Would Recognize

It’s now well into October and, after being at school for two months, your roommate’s hidden idiosyncrasies and quirks may have come out. Whether you are a first year student, like myself, and perhaps living with someone you were randomly assigned, or even if you requested to live with someone you are friends with, everyone has those certain quirks that can make living in close quarters more of a challenge. Here are ten things you may be wishing you could bluntly tell your roommate. Maybe if you leave The Point News on your desk while it is open to this article’s page, your roommate will get your slightly passive-aggressive hint…

  1. I’m not your mom. It is not my job to wake you up for class and I will let you sleep through your 8am. No, I am not sorry.
  2. The next time you decide to have your friend group over I need a heads up beforehand so I know I won’t be able to get my essay written in our dorm tonight.
  3. When you watch Grey’s Anatomy on your phone in the evenings without headphones, I hear all sorts of spoilers that I don’t want to know… I understand that you’re on season 13 and I’m only on season 3, but I don’t want to know who winds up dying later in the show.
  4. I noticed when one of my packs of gummy fruit snacks was missing. I might not have said anything to you, but I definitely noticed.
  5. There is no reason you need to be talking on the phone with your significant other during all your waking hours. I understand you like him, but I do not need to be woken up at 9am on a Saturday so he can ask you what your weekend plans are.
  6. There is no need to turn on all the lights when you get back from the Greens on Saturday nights at 2am. There is a special spot in hell for the people who do this.
  7. Please take the to-go box you checked out three weeks ago back to the Great Room. I’m tired of smelling the warm mayo that’s been sitting out for too long from the sandwich you ate weeks ago.
  8. We clearly don’t agree about politics and I understand that you’re very passionate about the upcoming election, but sometimes I just need a break from the constant barrage of opinions and debating.
  9. Please carry your key. You should probably carry your key. It’s important to remember to take your key when you leave our dorm room.
  10. Even though we each have our own irritating habits, I really did miss you over reading days when I realized I didn’t have someone to always complain about my Biology lab report to or someone to help me brainstorm the perfect Instagram caption.

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