AVATAR Preview: Fall Edition

AVATAR Literary Magazine is currently reviewing the submissions they received for the fall edition of the magazine. In addition to prose and poetry submissions, artwork and photography are also accepted. The student board meets weekly to review and discuss the submissions. During meetings, board members assess and discuss each submission with the help of Oreos – a long-standing tradition for the club.

Club member Nicole Hylton, class of ’17, enjoys being a part of the club. “AVATAR is really fun; it’s a cool group of people. I like seeing what students are writing. I’m always surprised by the quality of submissions we receive.” Even though she first joined last semester, Hylton “enjoyed it so much I wish I’d joined earlier.”

The AVATAR Club is one of the oldest clubs on campus. The first edition of the magazine was published in 1971, thus commencing years of spreading students’ work around campus. The fall edition began as a preview of the spring edition, only featuring a select few works. Club president Addie Schlussel, class of ’17, says that now, however, “the fall edition is a full magazine in its own right.” The highly-anticipated magazine is printed every semester, each edition using a different piece of student artwork for the cover.

Board members vote on whether or not they think the piece should be entered into the semester’s magazine, then compile a list of pieces that will be accepted. After careful consideration of each piece, the magazine is assembled and released to the community. Schlussel says that “we’re planning to release the magazine during the last week of classes, specifically Thursday, Dec. 8 at 4:30 p.m. in Boyden Gallery.”

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